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Blobfest 2013! Or, how I spent last weekend…

What is Blobfest? It’s the annual celebration of the 1958 Steve McQueen vehicle The Blob in Phoenixville, PA. Blobgeeks from all over gather at the town’s Colonial Theatre, where the film’s “movie theatre” scenes were shot. While the festival includes all sorts of fun things—the opportunity to see the real silicone material used for the movie’s monster, screaming contests, tours of the theatre (including a view of its projection booth and its still-in-operation 35 mm projector), screenings of the film (this year paired with winners like Them! and Tarantula), a street fair with loads of Blob-licious stuff to blow money on, and a tinfoil hat contest—perhaps what the weekend’s best known for Read the rest of this entry

Beach Weddings are Good for the Soul

You know what they say…life’s a beach. It has been, for me, these past few months while I’ve not been blogging (at all), not marketing any work, and spending some time writing and pulling myself together. But the crowning moment for me this year, so far, was Read the rest of this entry

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