Dark Discussions is getting first crack at reviewing the much-touted found footage anthology The Dark Tapes! We’ll be releasing our episode on the same day the film gets its widely anticipated general release! (4/6/17)

Absolutely thrilled to be a guest on Dave’s Disney View this evening! If you’re a Disney Parks fan, Dave’s podcast is for you…he covers all things gone but not forgotten, and explores current attractions as well. You can check out his podcast at I’ll let you know when the episode we’re recording tonight–which will include some lesser-known urban legends about the parks–is live! (4/5/17)

Got a chance to read the unedited introduction to Three on a Match. Reading what David Daniel had to say about its novellas was enlightening…and uplifting. It also made me realize I have to start working on the invitations for the launch party soon. (4/4/17)

Dark Discussions explores the mysterious jungles–and all that lurk in them–of Kong: Skull Island! Listen in here, or find us on iTunes and Stitcher: (4/3/17)

I’d sent my newest short story in to a competition and it didn’t even get Honorable Mention…in my defense, I have been reading the winners from this particular competition for years and I know I’m up against some amazing stuff. I mean AMAZING. STUFF. So…that said, it’s getting subbed back out today. (3/30/17)

I just found out my story “Where There’s Smoke” has been accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of The Haunted Traveler. A great way to close out the week! (3/31/17)

Horror Guide to Northern New England, by David & Scott T. Goudsward, contains a listing for at least one of my stories–“A Bone to Pick.” The release date has been set for May 2, 2017. Horror Guide to Florida, by the same authors, was released in 2015 and contains listings for several of my published stories, including the ones in Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole: Tales from Haunted Disney World. Both volumes are published by Post Mortem Press. To pick up the Florida volume, visit here: (3/22/17)

We just got the release date for Murder Among Friends: Mysteries Inspired by the Life and Works of John Greenleaf Whittier, which will contain my story “The Cricket in the Wall”! April 25 — just about a month away. Today is our last chance to sign off on the proofs of our stories, which I’m about to sit down and do now. (3/21/17)

Patrick Rea–director of the very awesome Arbor Demon and Nailbiter–has endorsed Three on a Match, which will contain my novella, “Splendid Chyna”! Here’s what he had to say: “Three on a Match is a frightening menagerie of horror that offers a shocking blend of well-crafted tales to keep you up at night. My imagination was fueled by this nail-biting collection!” You can check out Arbor Demon, which is his newest release (and I highly recommend), on most VOD channels, but here’s Amazon: (3/21/17)

Dark Discussions talks Get Out (3/17/17)

The contract has been signed on “Stikini,” by Travis D. Roberson, for the Ink Stains January 2018 issue! (3/17/17)

I’m hoping the short story “Stikini,” by Travis D. Roberson, is still available for the Ink Stains January 2018 issue! Sending the contract/acceptance letter today. (3/17/17)

Just found out that Phil, who runs the podcast that I co-host, Dark Discussions, has hooked us up with the filmmakers of the much talked-about forthcoming found footage, The Dark Tapes. I can’t wait to see this film, and to discuss it! (3/16/17)

I was invited to participate in the blog of author Jennifer Allis Provost for the month of March! March Movie Madness will examine “bad” films…perhaps even what’s good about them! Of course, I chose my favorite, Jaws 3-D. Thanks to the 2017 Blizzard, I’ve been snowed in here and was able to get it done. It’s #4 in the series…you can check it out here! (3/16/17)

The Dark Discussions crew examines a classic: 1963’s Jason and the Argonauts! (3/10/17)

The contract has been signed on “The Depths,” by Elizabeth Allen, for the Ink Stains January 2018 issue! (3/8/17)

Starting working on a blog post for a friend’s site today — “Thirteen Things to Appreciate about Jaws III.” It’s for a March Madness movie series, and I know I should’ve done it earlier, but I’m drowning, here. If I don’t get it done in time for her, I’ll just run it here on my own blog. Wish me luck! (3/7/17)

Received a contract today…Tricks & Treats, which contains my story “Crawl,” will be produced as an audiobook! Stay tuned for updates. (3/6/17)

Spent the morning proofing Three on a Match and writing the teasers for the launch invitations. I’m excited about this! (3/4/17)

Dark Discussions takes Gore Verbinski’s A Cure For Wellness: (3/3/17)

My post “Wandering Women: Four Types of Female Ghosts and Why They’re Scary” is up at the New England Horror Writers blog. You can read it here:

Got a “sneak peek” of the cover of the anthology that will contain  my story “Splendid Chyna”…and it’s pretty awesome! I promise I will share it as soon as permission is granted to do so. In the meantime, I was at a birthday party yesterday and ate the most amazing cake–the fondant actually tasted not only like something other than cardboard, but delicious! I’m thinking I might go with them for the cake for the release party…(2/25/17)

Dark Discussions plunges into the woods in search of  Patrick Rea’s Arbor Demon: (2/24/17)

The contract has been signed on “The Mating Habits of the Late-Adopting Smoker,” by Dorianne Emmerton, for the Ink Stains January 2018 issue! (2/24/17)

The cover art for Murder Among Friends: Mysteries Inspired by the Life and Works of John Greenleaf Whittier, which will contain my story “The Cricket in the Wall,” has just been released! Sneak preview on my blog soon. (2/23/17)

The contract has been signed on “Black Hooded Caller,” by Pablo Patiño, for the Ink Stains January 2018 issue! (2/23/17)

The contract for “The Cricket in the Wall,” which will appear in Murder Among Friends: Mysteries Inspired by the Life and Works of John Greenleaf Whittier–edited by Dave Goudsward and published by Post Mortem Press–has been signed and returned! Just waiting on a final release date. (2/21/17)

I was asked to write the story behind my piece “Splendid Chyna” for inclusion in the supplemental material in Three on a Match…and I got it done and sent it back today. (2/21/17)

I’m in the process of mailing out the Save-the-Date cards for the release party for Three on a Match — containing my novella “Splendid Chyna,” which will be held on September 2. (2/17)

The contract has been signed on “As We Rot,” by Melaina K. de la Cruz, for the Ink Stains January 2018 issue! (2/13/17)

Heather Sullivan’s daughter Page, who is 13 and already has two credits under her belt, wrote the most awesome, haunting poem on an old typewriter I’d given her years ago…turns out it’s a perfect fit with the emerging theme of the Ink Stains Jan. 2018 issue I’m guest editing, so it’s going to be the frontispiece. (2/12/17)

Released today! Dark Discussions on M. Night’s Split: (2/10/17)

Today I designed the Save the Date cards for the private release event for Three on a Match. (2/9/17)

The release date for Three on a Match, which will contain my story “Splendid Chyna,” has been confirmed for September 5, 2017 — right on the heels of Labor Day Weekend. The private release even will be held on September 2. (2/7/17)

Released today! Dark Discussions takes a Detour: (2/3/17)

At last! Put the finishing touches on my latest short story, “Immolation,” early this morning. The piece has been in the works since September. This is the story about a volcano I’ve been waiting thirty years to write! I’m super excited! (1/30/17)

Dark Discussions on The Autopsy of Jane Doe: (1/27/17)

My first attempt at a mystery, “The Cricket in the Wall,” will be included in Murder Among Friends: Mysteries Inspired by the Life and Works of John Greenleaf Whittier. All proceeds from the collection, which is edited by Dave Goudsward and published by Post Mortem Press, will benefit the John Greenleaf Whittier Birthplace in Haverhill, MA. (1/25/17)

For awhile a friend of mine, who likes to make short films, has been rooting through my pile of short stories to see if there’s something easily adaptable. After a whole year…he found one! The story will need some adaptation for film. We’re having a pre-production meeting on Feb. 6. (01/23/17)

Thrilled to announce that I’ve accepted the first story for the Ink Stains January 2018 Issue: “Leaf People,” by Heather Sullivan! It’s a story she wrote over twenty years ago that I read and never forgot–it’s haunted me ever since, and since it was part of her Master’s thesis, it was never published. I’m really excited that it’s found a home with me so it can reach an audience. Yeah…it’s that good! (1/19/17)

This Writing Life Episode 7: Words at a Wedding has just been posted! You can check it out here: (01/19/2017)

One hell of an exciting day around here! Tricks & Treats: A Collection of Spooky  Stories by Connecticut Authors, which contains my story “Crawl,” has been named Best Anthology in the Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll 2016! Thank you to all of our readers who voted! In addition, the release party for Three on a Match, which contains my novella Splendid Chyna, has been set, and I’ve been invited to contribute to another anthology for CT Authors slated for release sometime in 2018, tentatively titled 12 Tales of Terror. (01/16/2017)

I’ve been asked to contribute stories to an anthology being released in late 2018 or early 2019. I can’t provide any more details now, because honestly, I don’t know them. It’s just something I need to build into my writing schedule. (1/14/17)

My story “Splendid Chyna” will be included in the upcoming Three on a Match–a trio of novellas published by Books & Boos Press! “Splendid” will appear alongside work by g. Elmer Munson and Melissa Crandall. Today we got the official word that there is a tentative Labor Day release slated. I started working on plans for a private release event. (1/14/17)

The Jurassic World Exhibit Tickets arrived today! There’s nothing more exciting than a raptor in your mailbox!! (1/12/17)

Got a rough idea of “Splendid Chyna”‘s release date from the publisher today. Will officially announce when it’s confirmed…but, for now, I can go ahead and by the decorations for the release party! (1/12/17)

Just put the finishing touches on the completed working draft of my newest ghost story, “Immolation.” Now it goes into the critique cycle…(1/12/17)

Dark Discussions Episode 265 — in which we interview Australian actor Aston Elliot and discuss the Bucket List movie we watched in honor of the New Year — is up! You can check it out here: (1/3/2017)

Just received the proof of Ink Stains: Volume 3, which contains my story “Blood on the Snow.” (1/3/2017)

Thrilled to announce that I’ll be guest editing the January 2018 edition in the Ink Stains anthology series (and my awesome friend Tamela Ritter, author of From These Ashes, will be guest editing for April 2018!) In addition, my short story “Blood on the Snow” will be out in an upcoming Ink Stains edition in just a couple of months! What a way to kick off the year! Two editions of Ink Stains are already available. For info, go here: (1/2/2017)

…had to stop working on a new story for now…got two invites on deadline. I finished the first, got it worked through critique…and it’s a mess, so I’m cleaning it up today. Thank you, Crow’s Nest Writing Group! (10/22/2016)

“Rightfully Mine” is now available in Sanitarium Magazine Issue #49! (10/18/2016)

“Rightfully Mine” has just been accepted to Sanitarium Magazine #49! (10/2016)

Started on a brand new short story this week that I’m writing just for me (and not for a specific market). It feels great. Brought the first page and a half to Crow’s Nest Writers’ Group and got some amazing feedback. Can’t wait to get back to work (although it won’t be today; I have submissions and cleaning to do). In addition, my contributor’s copy of Tricks and Treats arrived, and I have ordered several more. (9/18/2016)

It’s official! After a few-year dry spell with no writing retreats, our retreat at the Kipling Carriage House in Brattleboro, VT, was so productive (and relaxing) that we’ve decided it’s going to be an annual thing…and we’ve already booked for same time, next year. One of the highlights of my weekend was completing a flash fiction piece I’ve been meaning to write for awhile. (9/12/2016)

Summer may be over, but Dark Discussions’ Killer Fish Fest lives on in the archives! You can check out episodes on the following films–The Bay, The Host, El Monstro del Mar!, The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues, Piranha 3D, and the Piranha (1978)here. (9/2/2016)

My short story, “Crawl,” is now available in Tricks & Treats: A Collection of Spooky Stories by Connecticut Authors! The collection includes contemporary pieces by Connecticut writers–and also includes some works by Mark Twain and Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Get your copy just in time for Poe Season! Visit here: (9/1/2016)

Super excited to announce I’ll be participating in a second books signing for the Tricks & Treats anthology–this one at the Manchester (CT) Library (N. Main Street) at 6:30 pm on Monday, October 24th! Hope you can join us! (8/27/2016)

The New England Horror Writers blog has just posted a short piece I wrote about the legends surrounding the lake on which I grew up. You can check out “Seven Creepy Tales of Candlewood Lake” here. (8/13/2016)

I can now announce that Books & Boos Press will be publishing my novella, Splendid Chyna, in a collection of three novellas called Three on a Match sometime in 2017! The other two writers haven’t been announced yet. Three on a Match is second in a trilogy of novella collections. You can find out more (when it gets closer to the release date; the first title in the series, due out in November of 2016, hasn’t even been announced yet) by visiting (8/9/2016)

Ro-Con 2 was a smash success–and I’m honored to announce I’ve been named Ro-Con 3’s Guest of Awesome! One of my duties includes throwing a wine and cheese mixer on opening night, and I’ve been busy getting stuff for the theme and prepping a menu already (doing this stuff a year ahead of time seriously helps: when that time comes, all the thinking is done and all I have to do is follow the list)! Hope you can check out this interesting con in Mystic next year! Here’s the link: (7/25/2016)

Thrilled to announce I’ll be participating in the book signing for the Tricks & Treats anthology at Bank Street Books in Mystic, CT, October 26 at 6 p.m. Come on out and hear some spooky tales just in time for Halloween! (7/15/2016)

The schedule for Ro-Con 2–which takes place in Mystic, CT July 22-24–is now final! I’ll be announcing my panel/workshop schedule shortly. (7/13/2016)

Received word while in Typhoon Lagoon at WDW that the short story I’ve been working on, “Mujina,” for the Dark Passages 2 anthology has been accepted! (6/2/2016)

That new short story I started is complete and is now receiving some critique! While I was in Austin, I got invited to submit to another anthology (which means, total, I have three pieces for this year I need to finish, and there’s a fourth I’d like to take a stab at). Other than that, I’m spending lots of time at the indoor pool and started taking a ballroom dance class. I find that the physical activity helps balance the mental. (5/21/2016)

Started writing a new short story for an upcoming anthology. I love it when an idea just comes out of nowhere! (4/14/2016)

Released today: Dark  Discussions Episode 227: Nina Forever (4/16/2016)

Dark Discussions ponders He Never Died — an unusual, darkly quirky horror film — on Episode 226, released today! Check it out here: (4/8/2016)

Got the idea for the story for the anthology I can’t talk about yet. Thanks to Heather and coffee talk! (4/2/2016)

Over a decade ago, I met a writer and artist named Melissa Duckworth on an early-internet-age writing critique forum. She loved my story “Candle Garden” so much that she has been working with it — on and off, since her life has gotten crazy busy after she graduated from art school — to make it into book art. Over the years we’ve talked and talked, but always online. We share a love of writing, books, art, and Disney Parks and princesses.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll get to meet her for the first time at her Walt Disney World wedding in November…it’ll be just me, going for 4 days/3 nights. I booked the tickets TODAY and I cannot wait to share her joy in the Happiest Place on Earth! And I sense that there just might be another Skeletons-style story coming out of this as a wedding gift. I’ll keep you posted. (4/1/2016)

Released today! The Dark Discussions crew tangles with John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness. In my opinion the only reasons to see this movie are Thom Bray from Riptide and the wide variety of bugs all represent something different within the context of the story. (3/31/2016)

I was just invited to submit to an anthology! Can’t give out any details now, but will when I’m able; in the meantime, I need to get busy (that makes two invites this year!). In other news, I received the contract for my short story “Crawl,” which will appear in Tricks and Treats: A Collection of Spooky Stories from Connecticut Authors this coming September. (3/31/2016)

My short story “Blood on the Snow” has just been accepted for publication in Ink Stains Anthology Series’ September release, Ghosts. (03/28/2016)

Fantastic Easter Weekend! Kicked off with my spending Good Friday volunteering at the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk. Then Maryanne came up to spend the weekend having our second Horrorfest of the year. We took it easy this time, but picked four winners: Lovely Molly, Stir of Echoes, He Never Died, and 2015’s The Gift. A recommend on all of them. (3/27/2016)

Had such a great time writing in Twain’s library I’ve booked myself for another session — this time with my husband, who’s working on cleaning up his finished novel — on September 22. If you’re interested in writing in the Twain library, click here. (3/22/2016)

Hares and bloody eggs as the Dark Discussions crew encounters Eggers’ The Witch (3/21/2016)

BS about everything and nothing as Dark Discussions issues Volume 5 of its Bits, Pieces and Body Parts series. (3/18/2016)

Three hours of writing in the Mark Twain House library in Hartford, CT brought me 3,000 words closer to my finishing my novella, Splendid Chyna. Happy St Paddy’s Day everyone! (3/17/2016)

I didn’t share this news because it’s sad, but the fabulous fun that was ANTHOCON is now a thing of the past. There is so much involved in planning a successful con, and there’s a heavy liability and financial burden to carry, but mostly I think it’s just because it was time for the Horsemen to move on to other things. Coordinating an annual con is pretty much your life, and that’s a difficult thing to maintain.

Thanks to Jacob Haddon and mostly Mark Wholley, however, we now have NON-CON. It’s just a weekend with all of us writers partying in a hotel. No selling, no paneling, no reading. Just good times, good booze, and good doing what makes being a writer so much fun: hanging with others that speak your language. Booked my hotel reservation today and I can’t wait to see everyone! (3/17/2016)

On the drive home from RI, I got an invitation to submit to an invite-only anthology! I cannot release details, but what I can say is that it’s not a genre I normally write in, so this is going to be a fantastic, ability-stretching challenge! The deadline is in October, so I’ve got lots of time. Further details as I’m allowed to release them. (3/13/2016)

Spent the weekend chilling out with poet friend Heather Sullivan in Rhode Island. We had a total blast and workshopped some of our writing with each other. Best of all, I’ve got a rough plot for the rest of my novella Splendid Chyna, which is due sometime in May. (3/13/2016)

In 2015, a brilliant little independent film called Circle,  written and directed by written and directed by Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione and inspired by 12 Angry Men, debuted at the Seattle International Film Festival and six months later was released on-demand. After the Dark Discussions crew recorded an episode on the film, we had the privilege of interviewing actor Dan Lench, who played the role of The Banker! (3/11/2016)

On St. Paddy’s Day, I’ll be heading to the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT for three hours of quiet time to write in his library! A brilliant fundraising idea, the Twain House opens the great man’s library for quiet writing time a few times a year. Cost is $50. For more information and to check other dates, visit here: (3/9/2016)

Dark Discussions dissects a refreshingly different ghost story, Some Kind of Hate (3/5/2016)

Dark Discussions meets Kristy. There was actually a lot to discuss in this film, and this is one of my favorite episodes of the podcast. (2/26/2016)

The Dark Discussions crew examines the on-demand indie Landmine Goes Click, a revenge film. (2/19/2016)

Dark Discussions faces The Revenant…and writer Patrick Lacey brings us the first of his hot new weekly segments, Terror Tantrums! Don’t miss this one! (2/4/2016)

Dark Discussions explores The Forest. (1/28/2016)

A three-day weekend is always the best time to take a chill! Maryanne and I had a Horrorfest that tops out our record — 8 movies in one weekend! We watched: The Ring 2, Paranormal Activity 4: The Marked Ones (the more complete unrated version), The Visit, The Conjuring, Sinister, Digging Up the Marrow, Alien Abduction, and Isolation. The Ring 2 isn’t a total suck-fest, but it’s not the original. Alien Abduction was decent, but in the end, forgettable. We recommend PA4 as long as you’re watching the unrated, complete version; the theatrical version had so much cut out of it it was a plot-holed mess. High recommend for The Visit, The Conjuring, Sinister, Digging Up the Marrow, and Isolation, which is an interesting little Irish horror film that had us on the edge of our seats. (1/18/2016)

Submitted the news article relating to a fictional murder to my friend for his next novel. I had a blast, but what was particularly fun was that the assignment he gave me was that it had to be about a murder that happened in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Kind of like my old stomping grounds! I’ll let you know when his novel’s available. I know I wasn’t the only writer he asked to contribute, so I’m really interested to see what the others wrote for their murders! (1/8/2016)

A really interesting project landed in my lap today. A good friend asked me to write a news article relating to a fictional murder for his next novel, which should be released sometime in spring, 2016.  It’s going to be such fun to return to my journalism roots! I can’t release details now, but will when it’s published. (12/3/2015)

It’s done! Myself and three other writers (Meghan, Stacey, and one of Meghan’s peers) have booked a five-day writing retreat at Rudyard Kipling’s Carriage House in Vermont in September! We’ve got grand plans to have a productive, as well as relaxing, time. (12/1/2015)

My cousin Maryanne and I held our second Horrorfest of the year this past weekend, and for the first time since we’ve been doing this (we started in January 2013), we broke our record for most horror movies watched in one weekend (7)! Here’s what we watched: Damnationland 2015, The Messengers, It Follows, The Tomb, The Babadook, Bats, and We Are Still Here. We can recommend them all except for The Tomb, which is quite possibly the worst movie we’ve ever seen. A disjointed plot and scenes that don’t make any sense do not a good movie make. Stay away. (10/27/2015)

Just secured tickets for DAMNATIONLAND 2015! Super-excited to get to see this year’s crop of short films from Maine indie filmmakers. For more information, click here. (09/29/2015)

My short story “Shreds of Black”–inspired by John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem “Telling the Bees”–is now available in Snowbound: with Zombies, a collection of 22 supernatural tales based on Whittier’s life and work. All proceeds from the sale of this anthology benefit the John Greenleaf Whittier Birthplace museum in Haverhill, MA. Get your copy here! (09/26/2015)

My YouTube series This Writing Life update: Episode 3: Playing Catch Up is posted! Watch it here: (9/16/15)

What’s a typical Monday in my crazy life? Find out in This Writing Life – Episode 2: Any Given Monday. (8/27/2015)

The first episode of my YouTube series This Writing Life is here…will I finish this story on deadline while I’m partying in Rhode Island? Click the link to watch Episode 1: It’s Better at the Beach and find out! (8/19/2015)

2015 CT Horrorfest was a total blast! It was great to meet lots of local readers (I really did sign so much stuff I thought I was going to get a hand cramp!) and it was even more fun to not only hang out with friends Jason Harris and fellow writer Stacey Longo Harris, but to see people I know from the local community theatre and meet some new friends–one writer who graduated from Goddard in 1975! And the cosplay was considerably more sophisticated and creative than I’ve seen at many of these events. Pix coming soon…today I’m in recovery! (7/19/2015)

I’m honored to have been invited to write a short story for an upcoming Halloween anthology which will exclusively feature Connecticut writers! I’m already working on my contribution–deadline is August 15. I’ll keep everyone posted. (7/12/2015)

My short story “Our Lips are Sealed” has been accepted by Sediments Literary-Arts Journal for its A Haunting issue, which will be out in October! (7/11/2015)

Recording the Jurassic Park episode with the guys from Dark Discussions tonight. Very excited and honored to have been asked; I’ve loved dinosaurs forever. My favorite wedding present was a full trilobite fossil… (6/11/2015)

On the fence about whether or not to see the Poltergeist update? I join the guys on Dark Discussions to discuss the new version — and the old — so you can make a better decision (spoiler alert)! “Episode 187: Poltergeist” was just released today. You can check it out here: (6/10/2015)

I’m excited to announce I’ve just enrolled for One Story’s Become Your Own Best Editor: Learning from “The Remains” by Laura Spence-Ash online class, which runs from June 12 – 21! (6/10/2015)

ANTHOCON WAS AWESOME! Too awesome for words, in fact, but I will tell you it broke me out of my funk, and I’ve been given a couple of amazing opportunities I can’t discuss now. Watch in the coming months for details! (6/09/2015)

Had an awesome time tonight recording the Poltergeist episode with the guys from Dark Discussions–in it, we discuss the difference between the old and new films. I’ll let you know when it’s posted…the best part is they asked me back to discuss all three Jurassic Park films, both books — and Jurassic World after it hits theatres! (6/3/2015)

Meghan Guidry, who is doing graduate work in the language of grief at Harvard Divinity School, has been working on a five-part series called A Place on Earth: Ritual, Grief, & Mourning as an Atheist for Applied Sentience. Her series examines untraditional methods of grieving, here focusing on our 2008 trip to Walt Disney World to reconnect with our deceased parents. Part 1: “As They Are, As They Should Be” has been published and is available to read here: (5/4/2015)

My short story “Roots” will be appearing in a five-story teaser for Great Old Ones Publishing’s upcoming Out of the Corner of Your Eye: A Cryptids Anthology, which will be released officially at AnthoCon in June. “Roots” is the second story appearing as part of this antho; my short story “Stones” will appear in the main collection. (4/29/2015)

Due to some last minute schedule changes, I couldn’t join the DD crew to discuss Spring after all. However, I will be joining them to discuss Pan’s Labyrinth sometime this week. (5/1/2015)

Banner day today! Short story “Whispers in the Wood” has been accepted for a future issue of New Pop Lit, and Dark Discussions invited me to discuss the movie Spring on their podcast tomorrow night (they asked me if I wouldn’t mind spending my Friday night doing a podcast. My answer was, “well, I usually get drunk or clean on Fridays. This will be exciting!”) (4/16/15)


The Anthocon 2015 schedule has been announced!!schedule/cee5


Thirteen months after I wrote the first draft of “Drunk Talk” (which is now called “Our Lips are Sealed”), I had a phone critique date with editor Nanette Blake. I have a little more work to do, but hopefully I’ll have something to send out — or hold onto for my upcoming collection — soon! (4/6/2015)


I’ve just had a story accepted for an upcoming anthology! I’m keeping it mum right now, because I’ve not heard of anyone else getting accepted yet, so I’m going to wait for the official Table of Contents announcement from the publisher and share it then…sometimes it’s just polite to keep your mouth shut, especially if there are others on pins and needles who haven’t heard. (3/22/2015)


Just found out that Exists—the found footage film about Bigfoot—will be released on DVD/BluRay February 3, 2015…just two days before my birthday! I think I know what I’ll be asking for…and I’m hoping there will be lots of special features. On another note, Great Old Ones Publishing’s upcoming From the Corner of Your Eye: Cryptids anthology will have its Foreword written by Jamie Nash, who was a collaborator on Exists. From a November 23, 2014 post on the Great Old Ones Publishing’s Facebook Page (yes, it took me this long to get over there):  “Jamie Nash is a working screenwriter who lives in Maryland and primarily writes genre films — horror, supernatural, fantasy, etc. He has a strong working relationship with Eduardo Sánchez, co-director of The Blair Witch Project — they have collaborated on a number of projects — the films Altered, Seventh Moon, VHS2, Lovely Molly, and Exists, and the comedy web series ParaAbnormal.” (1/11/2015)


I’ve just registered for 9Pi-Con, taking place at the Sheraton at Bradley Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, July 31 – August 2, 2015. They’ve just sent out the queries for programming – so I don’t have details on that yet – but I know from past experience there will be a myriad of interesting events, panels, and workshops. Don’t miss it! You can check it out here…register for the whole weekend for just $25 (not including food, incidentals, and hotel stay, of course): (1/11/2015)


The Game’s Afoot or Holmes for the Holidays, which I’m stage managing at Theatreworks New Milford, vaulted into the #1 most-attended show for a non-musical in the theatre’s history…we had to add three shows (which also sold out) and ended up selling close to 1600 tickets for the run. Wow! Congrats everyone…and now it’s all over and a new game begins! (1/10/2015)


Working on a brand new story! It’s untitled, but there’s a good chance I’ll have a working draft ready by Tuesday. (1/8/2015)


The Kindle edition of Anthology Year Three: Distant Dying Ember, published by The Four Horsemen, is now available (print edition is forthcoming). My flash piece “skin&hair teeth&bones” shares a Table of Contents with scary stories by 34 of my favorite people! The official debut is at AnthoCon 2015 in June in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, but you can check it out now by going here: (1/5/2015)

…just got invited to submit to a dark anthology based on the poetry of John Greenleaf Whittier. Really excited, have ideas already, but glad I’ve got five months until the deadline! (1/4/2015)


The Game’s Afoot or Holmes for the Holidays, which I’m stage managing at Theatreworks New Milford (have you wondered where I’ve been?), opens tonight! Break a leg everyone! Visit the Theatreworks website to get your tickets here: (12/5/2014)

Dark Discussions Episode 162 — Exists — is now up! You can head here to hear what we have to say about this edge-of-your-seat thriller! (12/3/2014)

How awesome is this? At the last minute I’m joining the gang on Dark Discussions to chat about the new found footage feature Exists (which I thought was awesome, by the way)! We’re recording tonight after I get home from picking up my sister and niece from the airport, who will be joining me for Thanksgiving! (11/21/14)

Pleased to be heading up to Attleboro, Massachusetts, to Bristol Community College to speak to Honors English students about my story “Jarring Lucas.” What an honor! (11/03/2014)

My story “Shitty Almonds” has just been published in Great Old One’s Publishing’s Bugs: Things that Slither, Creep, and Crawl anthology…a perfect day for it, no? You can check it out here: (10/31/2014)

Spent the week workshopping that new story with fellow writer Stacey Longo Harris! It’s polished and ready to find a home. In other news, my All’s Mellow Eve Halloween party is tonight! What a way to crown an amazing week! (10/31/2014)

Started rehearsals for The Game’s Afoot or Holmes for the Holidays, which I’m stage managing at Theatreworks New Milford, today. (10/27/2014)


I just love when I wake up and there’s an entire short story in my head! Wrote a full draft in two hours today. I’m not surprised – last weekend, my cousin Maryanne and I watched a found footage film called Hollow, which is really (when you boil it all down) about a sinister tree. This directly inspired my piece. (10/25/2014)

Dark Discussions Episode 157: Annabelle is now up! Nathan (occult specialist and also my husband) and I join Philip, Eric, Mike, and Abe to discuss the film Annabelle—and some other fun paranormal stuff. You can catch it on ITunes and Stitcher, or go here for the direct download: (10/16/2014)

October’s Reviews from the Shadows will air on October 16th at 6 p.m. ET. In celebration of Halloween, we’re doing something to shake it up: we’ve each picked five horror movies and will explain how and why WE, if the situations were real, wouldn’t die. You can tune in here: In other news, Nathan and I will be discussing Annabelle with the guys from Dark Discussions tonight! I’ll post the link to the show when it’s up. (10/9/2014)

Michael Haynes’ “Too Smart – a contemporary and funny look at cell phones and life – is up now at Read Short Fiction. Get some fresh insight here. (9/29/2014)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about more than Sherlock Holmes. I had the honor of reading—and endorsing—the incredible A Study in Terror: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Revolutionary Stories of Fear and the Supernatural Volume 1 published by MX Publishing. Learn more about it here. (9/24/2014)

Rose Red Review has published my short story “The Lace in the Window.” Read it here. (9/23/2014)

Do we praise or nit-pick The Blair Witch Project and The Devil Inside on Reviews from the Shadows on the Paranormal, Eh? Radio Network? Find out in Season 1’s Episode 3 here. (9/15/2014)

Just signed up for AnthoCon 2015 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, June 5-7, 2015. Really excited…there are lots of great panels, workshops, book launch parties, and get-togethers. It’s a time for writers to get together and BS and play. Don’t miss it! Learn more here: (9/12/14)

Rose Red Review has accepted my short story “The Lace in the Window”! (9/7/2014)

“Denmark,” a post-apocalyptic tale by Australia’s Mitch Edgeworth, is now up at Read Short Fiction. Plumb the depths of despair here. (8/29/2014)

Up All Night Horror Fiction Review has given “The Poisoned Ground” a rave review! Turn the lights on and go here.  (8/05/2014)

A little found footage mockumentary called Ladies of the Lake. A friend and I filmed this after a summer night drinking at a lakeside bar. (7/27/2014)

“skin&hair, teeth&bones” – a flash piece – has been accepted for The Four Horseman LLC’s Anthology Year Three. Publication date to be announced. (7/13/2014)

The Smoking Poet notes that Bad Apple sends a “shiver of delightful creepiness up and down the spine” – and publishes an interview which sheds light on the book’s real locations! Enjoy the review here; explore the book’s locations in the interview here. (7/9/2014)

My short story “Shitty Almonds” – which proves jealous bridesmaids and wedding favors can make for a bad cocktail – has been accepted for Great Old Ones’ Publishing’s Bugs anthology! Publishing date TBA. (3/19/2014)