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Everyone has a haunting.

If it’s not a ghost in your own home, it might be the ghost that lives in that house they told you about at the end of the block—the one that’s always for sale, or the one that is abandoned, staring at you with darkened windows like doleful, empty eyes: Stay away from the house at 34 Orchard Street, the older kids told you.

More likely, though, what you’re haunted by isn’t supernatural. It’s the love of your life who left you behind. It’s family issues and abandonment. It’s loss, grief, and heartbreak. It’s tragic ends and injustice. It’s missed opportunities and regret.

The most frightening ghosts are the ones within.

Welcome to 34 Orchard, the literary journal that delights in exploring what haunts us all. In our biannual issues, we will bring you tales of terror, tales of unrest, tales of sadness. If you enjoy dark stories with a subtext, then you’ve reached your destination.  All you’ve left to do is walk up the rickety porch steps and knock on the door.

34 Orchard, which I founded and edit and published its first issue in April of 2020, has brought readers fine stories from many corners of the world. You can visit the website here: https://34orchard.com/ 

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