Here’s where you can read any of my work that is currently available for free online. Much of my work that was published is no longer available, appeared in print (long before print on demand!), or is contained in purchase-only anthologies; for a complete list, see Previously Published on my Bio page. If you’d like to see what’s available for purchase in anthologies, visit my Store page.

I do my best to check all of these links often, as pages move or magazines change formats, locations, or sometimes fold. If you click on one of these links and it appears to be broken, feel free to drop me a note using the information on the Contact page!


A Bone to Pick
(Toasted Cheese, 2012)

A Single Sparrow

(Afternoon, 2000)

Beware Burning Snow

(Sirens Call eZine, 2022)

Bridging Christmas

(Toasted Cheese, 2009)

Can You Hear Me Now?

(Rind Literary Magazine, 2013)

Charlotte‘s Family Tree

(A Fly in Amber, 2009)

Denigrating David

(State of Imagination, Issue 3, 2011)

February Thaw

(Don’t Fall Asleep Podcast, June, 2022)

Incident at Dark Acres

(The Smoking Poet, Winter 2010-2011 Issue #17~scroll down page to read story)

Jingle Shells

(Full of Crow Fiction Quarterly, 2010)

*Skip this one for now – they’re in the process of updating the archives and that portion isn’t working at the moment

Junk Mail

(I Like Monkeys, Chucklehound, 2000)

King of Bull

(Toasted Cheese, 2008)

No Sweet Bird

(Crow & Cross Keys, 2022)

Red Circle

(The Adirondack Review, 2002)

Screams of Autumn

(Spilt Milk: An Online Literary Journal, 2010)

Shell Game

(Eclectic Flash, 2010)

Smoke Brake

(The Legendary~ Issue 16: April 20, 2010*)

**Special Note* The April 20, 2010 Issue #16 of The Legendary in which this story appears is no longer available online.  I’ve uploaded a PDF of the piece which you download, print, or read here: Smoke Brake-The Legendary.


(Beyond the Screams podcast Campfire Tales Epsiode, March, 2021)

The Lace in the Window

(Quail Bell, 2014)

The Thing Inside

(Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope, 2012)

Click below to hear this live reading of “The Thing Inside” at the April 13, 2013 Dark Carnival of Authors at Annie’s Bookstop in Worcester, MA. Special thanks to author Morven Westfield for recording this!) Jackalope — Schoonover reads The Thing Inside 4-13-13

Wailing Station

(Toasted Cheese, 2007)

Where There’s Smoke

(The Haunted Traveler: A Roaming Anthology, 2017)

Whispers in the Wood

(New Pop Lit, 2015)

Wisdom (listed as “Teeth Wisdom”)

(Bewildering Stories, 2007)

Wrecking Malcolm

(Halfway Down the Stairs–The Calling issue, 2019)


Eleven Things to Appreciate about Jaws 3D: March Movie Madness on Jennifer Allis Provost’s Blog

Wandering Women: Four Types of Female Ghosts and Why They’re Scary

(New England Horror Writers Blog,  March 1, 2017)

Seven Creepy Tales of Candlewood Lake

(New England Horror Writers Blog, August 2016)

Review: Paisley Surprise

(From the Marrow, BoneWorld Publishing)

“The Absence of Things”

(a short essay on sadness in Clarion Writer’s Craft, #78, June 25, 2012)

Building Better Balance: Pulverize Pressure, Plus Productivity

(a nonfiction piece on the writing life)

(Writer Tamara Linse’s Blog)

Opening The Chernobyl Diaries: The Truth is Scarier Than the Film

Dark Discussions, May 29, 2012

Our Fetish for Zuni: Why we’ll never escape “that doll”

Dark Discussions, May 5, 2012

Discussion: Ghost Light

(Barbaric Yawp Editor John Berbrich and novelist, short story writer and poet William Michaelian)

Burlington College Commencement Speech, 2007

Nothing Gold Can Stay: In Memory of Charles W. Petersen

Other Stuff (if anybody cares)…