Atari is forever…

Atari Night

Ahhh…80s night…

I’ll admit I’ve had bad luck choosing social games ever since I started on Facebook back in 2009. Seems like every game I choose folds up after a few months or years—“goes offline”—and then, of course, if you were dumb enough to get suckered into spending real-world money, you don’t get a refund, but your game and your virtual “products” are gone.

The most recent crash and burn is Disney Hidden Worlds by Playdom (Playdom and Playfish are notorious for just shutting down games after taking people’s money). It was during Read the rest of this entry


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It’s always nice to get surprised. Up All Night Horror Fiction Review gave “This Poisoned Ground” a great review. You can read it here:

Still haven’t picked up your copy? It’s available from Dark Alley Press at the following links:

All E-formats, direct from publisher


Off to Austin!


Missie, Andi, Kristi at The Alamo, San Antonio, TX

Last April, I joined my sister (left) and my niece Andi (center) at The Alamo in San Antonio, TX. I’ve always wanted to go there since my Dad had talked about it so much. It’s as powerful as place to visit as everyone says it is.

As you’re reading this my plane is taking off…I’m headed to Read the rest of this entry

Video: Meet Little Miss Cheese the Chipmunk…

Little Cheese Chipmunk 1

My husband, Nathan, has spent a great deal of time placing bird feeders in our back yard, and now our woods is a veritable menagerie: goldfinches, wrens, morning doves, chickadees, titmice, a couple of different types of woodpeckers, bluejays, brown-headed cowbirds, thrushes, cardinals, sparrows…I simply can’t remember them all.

Seeds attract other animals, too. This year we have been blessed Read the rest of this entry

That’s a big fish…

There are many different species of fish in man-made Candlewood Lake, and I’ve certainly see my share of bluegills, trout, and sunnies; the lake is also home to a few varieties of bass, catfish, and perch as well as bullhead and pickerel.

What I’ve never seen or heard of in four decades of living here is this giant carp; there were several that day, but I was only able to get some video of this one. Check it out.


Alternate Escape from Tomorrow poster art

This is an alternate poster for the film. On the DVD, there is a special feature in which you can enjoy a preview of several different versions of posters and taglines.

When Escape from Tomorrow—the surreal film Randy Moore guerilla-style in the Disney Parks—was released last year, everyone wanted to know what I thought (I wrote Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole: Tales from Haunted Disney World, a collection of ghost stories set in Disney Parks). Now you can find out Read the rest of this entry

“Shitty Almonds” to appear in BUGS anthology


Bugs Anthology Cover

 The cover of Great Old One’s Publishing’s BUGS anthology, due out later this year. Cover design by MJ Preston.


My short story “Shitty Almonds” was accepted to Great Old Ones Publishing’s Bugs anthology due out later this year.

I don’t want to spoil what it’s about—Great Old Ones Publishing anthologies always contain a diverse number of pieces on their given topic, so when it comes out I’d encourage everyone to just pick it up—but I will tell you Read the rest of this entry

On my way to Blobfest right now…

Real Blob Kristi Looking Stupid

It’s the real blob and me, instead of looking scared, looking like a complete moron. Oh well.

As we speak, I’m off to BLOBFEST in Phonexville, PA (Blobfest is Read the rest of this entry

THE SMOKING POET: BAD APPLE sends “shiver of delightful creepiness up and down the spine”; interview sheds light on book’s real locations

Smoking Poet Logo

The Smoking Poet, which published my short story “Incident at Dark Acres” in its Winter 2010-2011 Issue #17, has given Bad Apple Read the rest of this entry

Marking the Hartford Circus Fire’s 70th Anniversary …

“Everyone had a metaphor. The tent went up like cellophane, like tissue paper, like a fuse. A Roman candle, a sheet of newspaper. It was like tossing a piece of paper in a fireplace, like putting a match to a celluloid collar.” ~ Stewart O’Nan, THE CIRCUS FIRE, Doubleday, June 2000, p. 81

Circus Fire Twain Event 4

A stand-up discussing the fire outside of the event room.

On July 6, 1944, 168 people died when a fire broke out during a performance of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in Hartford, CT. While I am not related to anyone who was there that day (that I know of, at least) and have no connection to it, the tragedy, for some reason, has always interested me.

This year, Read the rest of this entry


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