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undead-obsessedUndead Obsessed: Finding Meaning in Zombies
Jessica Robinson
Booktrope Editions, 2014

Jessica Robinson was in junior high when she was justifiably creeped out by George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead(1968). Thus began her lifelong obsession with the walking dead. While other horror fans would be content with watching and collecting the cinematic exploits of the anthropophagic undead, Robinson ascends that limitation in search of enlightenment. She wishes to understand the meaning behind zombie films, pondering the koan of the living dead and the sudden popularity of the genre. She wants to know why zombies strike such fear in the hearts of the living.

The book alternates between a being history of zombiism and a journal of self-discovery. Robinson wisely starts her history outside of the Caribbean, noting the European and Asian types of living dead. Creatures such as the revenant, nachzehrer, draugr, vetala, and jiangshi are not zombies per…

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Short Story Sunday: The Light of Other Days

The Light of Other Days, Bob Shaw

This moving depiction of a world in which “slow glass” allows us to see our pasts was Read the rest of this entry

…back to basics…

This was my second typewriter -- Dad bought it in 1987 to replace the old 1960s model Selectric I had been using. It had data storage capabilities and was really quite the thing in its day.

This was my second typewriter — Dad bought it in 1987 to replace the old 1960s model Selectric I had been using. It had data storage capabilities and was really quite the thing in its day.

…while I know there’s much to catch up on, here, I’ll start with I’m excited to announce I’ve just enrolled for One Story’s Become Your Own Best Editor: Learning from “The Remains” by Laura Spence-Ash online class, which runs from June 12 – 21. As a writer, I believe continuing education is key to learning and growth, and since my recent trip to AnthoCon has pulled me out of my funk, I figured this would be the best place to begin (after all, I have lots of manuscripts around that need work. This might inspire me to get back to them).

If you’re at all interested in One Story‘s online classes or their other programs, such as workshops, master classes, and one day writing classes, please visit

Short Story Sunday: Aura

Aura by Carlos Fuentes

Aura, Carlos Fuentes

If you’re a Poe or a magic realism fan, don’t miss this gripping novella about a man who accepts a mysterious job Read the rest of this entry

Short Story Sunday: Obstinate Uncle Otis

Obstinate Uncle Otis, Robert Arthur

I’ve written extensively about my relationship with this oddity about a man Read the rest of this entry

Explore everything from Anime to X-Files at Conbust 2015 this weekend…March 27-29!

Conbust 2015 Logo

This year’s Conbust mascot art was created by Evanleigh Davis.

It’s time for Conbust 2015 up at Smith College this weekend! Three days of workshops, panels, classes, demonstrations, role playing games and more–covering everything from Dr. Who, Welcome to Nightvale and Found Footage to Cosplaying Basics and many aspects of writing including character creation and publication–starts at 5 p.m. Friday at the college’s Seelye Hall.

I’ll be involved in a few programs with some very talented people this year! Here’s my schedule Read the rest of this entry

Partying, presents…Our Lips are Sealed

The week kicked off with a much-needed change of scenery in Rhode Island: a couple of days with my friend Heather, whom I’ve known for years. The good news is we chilled out! And…the bad news is we chilled out. We enjoyed a nice CRIMINAL MINDS binge-watch session, ate Chinese food, and reveled in the fact that most of the snow had melted…what a difference a week makes!

I also got some feedback on a short story I’ve been working on (Heather and I have been critiquing each other’s work for years).  A piece called Read the rest of this entry

Short Story Sunday: Leiningen vs the Ants

Leiningen vs the Ants, Carl Stephenson

My dad loved this adventure about a stubborn plantation owner in the Brazilian wilds facing Read the rest of this entry

Ghosts & Spirits, crack-of-dawn dining and taking the plunge again

She Loves Me Signage

The mountain of snow around The Wilton Playshop’s sign. This photo was taken Sunday, March 8. It’s been so warm here everything’s melted, so I’m sure it’s down by now!

At last, it’s warming up! What a difference a week makes…snow is melting everywhere! Last week I couldn’t see my parking space; it was under a thick layer of ice. Today it’s back to gravel. To celebrate, I got some colorful markers (they were on sale for half price at Staples!) and I went to see a production of She Loves Me at The Wilton Playshop in Wilton, CT, which was excellent (I had some issues with there being 35 minutes of exposition to get to the actual story, but that’s the fault of the book, not the production). I’ve been to nearly all of the community theatres in the area, and never that one. Based on their level of professionalism, I will definitely be going back.

Colorful Markers

Who doesn’t love colorful felt tip markers? People who aren’t office supply geeks or under the age of twelve.

This week in writing: Back in December of 2013, I took at course in Magic Realism at The Eckleburg Workshops (I highly recommend Read the rest of this entry

Wine bottles, movie posters and hot tow truck drivers

Car Stuck in Driveway

My car, stuck across the driveway. AWESOME quality of life here in New England. Why live anywhere else?

I used to write a newsletter. I’ve now decided I can barely keep my blog going, so instead of trying to do both—and failing at both—I figure I’ll combine the two, and this way I can only fail at one.

I have decided that hell looks like a snowstorm. Read the rest of this entry


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