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Scary Scribes was a podcast that ran on the Canada-based Paranormal, Eh? Radio Network from January 2012 – February 2013; it was available through I-Tunes and Stitcher as well as the individual Scary Scribes and Paranormal, Eh? websites and Blogtalk. From the original Scary Scribes website:

If horror makes you happy and spooky stories stimulate your soul, then you’ve found the House of Usher of podcasts! On SCARY SCRIBES, ghost story writer Kristi Petersen Schoonover shares a story by a horror writer…and then gets the story behind the story with the writer himself.

A collaborative effort with Canada-based Paranormal, Eh? radio’s Terry Konig, SCARY SCRIBES is broadcast live at 6 pm on the last Sunday of every month on the Paranormal, Eh? Radio Network—but if you want your scares to go, you can grab ’em on our PAST EPISODES page.

So if you miss being read to as a child, feel the loss no more. Seize that blanket and get ready to leave the lights on (unless you live in Connecticut, in which case, pull out that flashlight).


It was a lot of fun. I had lengthy, in-depth discussions with writers about their work, I read an awful lot of good work, and I made new friends. Ultimately, I canceled the show because I just felt that it was an all-consuming, long-term project—and as a writer, my only all-consuming, long-term project should be the craft.

You can, however, still get your fix–all of the official promotional spots and episodes are below; the audio can be downloaded right from this site onto any MP3 player, so feel free.

Scary Scribes Intro

Scary Scribes Promotional Spot

Scary Scribes Ep 1 – Stacey Longo, 01-29-2012

Scary Scribes Ep 2 – John Palisano, 02-26-2012

Scary Scribes Ep 3 – John Grover, 03-25-2012

Scary Scribes Ep 4 – T.J. May, 04-29-2012

Scary Scribes Ep 5 – Daniel Pearlman, 05-27-2012

Scary Scribes Ep 6 – Rob Watts, 06-24-2012

Scary Scribes Ep 7 – Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope, 07-29-2012

Scary Scribes Ep 8 – Bad Apple in the Haunted Cemetery, 10-22-2012

Scary Scribes Ep 9 – Kevin Lucia, 10-28-2012

Scary Scribes Ep 10 – Scott Thomas, 11-25-2012

Scary Scribes Ep 11 – Don Franklin, 12-30-2012

Scary Scribes Ep 13 – J.S. Watts, 2-24-2013

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