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“Blood on the Snow” to appear in INK STAINS September issue

Angevine Tree Farm Nov 2002

Angevine Tree Farm in Warren, CT, 2002. This is where my story “Blood on the Snow” is set.

The Easter Bunny brought more than my fave Starburst jelly beans this year…I was notified on Sunday that my short story “Blood on the Snow” has been accepted for publication in Ink Stains Anthology Series’ September release.

The theme of the issue is Ghosts. “Blood on the Snow” is about Read the rest of this entry

Short Story Sunday: The Summer People, Shirley Jackson

The Summer People, Shirley Jackson

This unsettling creeper about a couple who at last retire to their summer home isn’t as widely known as Jackson’s “The Lottery,” and that’s just a shame

The Dark Descent

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