Generation X-ed: A Horror Anthology


My short story “Nothing to See Here” in Generation X-ed: A Horror Anthology from Dark Ink Books

What we brought home when the streetlights came on will terrify you.

Generation X-ed Cover

Want a few teasers to whet your appetite and see what’s GenX-ee that’s in your particular wheelhouse? You can check out descriptions of the stories here:

And HorrorNews.Net had nothing but good things to say in this pre-release review:

Guess what? It’s going to be available in paperback, Kindle, and … drumroll, please … HARDCOVER (because all real GenXers want things in hardcover!) Releases January 26, 2022. You can pre-order print editions from Amazon here:

“Generation X-ed is brimming with bold, imaginative tales of horror that are as uniquely independent and relentlessly resourceful as the generation that wrote them.” — Daily Dead

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