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My spoiler-free review of Disney’s The Princess & the Frog a film not released nationwide until December 11—is now up on Episode 243 of Inside the Magic!

Nathan, Charles and I were privileged enough to get tickets to a special engagement of the film on preview opening night—Wednesday, November 25—at New York City’s Ziegfeld Theater, and we also attended “Disney’s Ultimate Experience,” which followed at the Roseland Ballroom. And yes, I got to have my photo taken with ALL NINE princesses!

What’s even cooler is that this screening and event were held on both coasts—New York and Los Angeles—and Episode 243 features not only my review, but one from someone who attended the LA premiere, and, as I didn’t have time to talk about how wonderful the event was, the other reviewer, Al, did!


You can head on over to Inside the Magic, the Internet’s First Orlando-Based Disney Podcast hosted by Ricky Brigante, here. (Visit the Archive link if it’s following December 6, 2009.) Or, if you just want to hear mine and Al’s review of the film, you can listen below! (Note: this adding audio thing is new to me. If it doesn’t work, feel free to shout-out to me through my Contact page and I’ll do the best I can to get it resolved.)

Inside the Magic #243 — Princess & the Frog Premiere Reviews


Welcome, all! Pour your favorite beverage and stay awhile at my new website!

I’ve been talking about updating for awhile. The biggest reason I decided to move? I’m a big fan of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In the last year, especially, I’ve been noticing that everyone in the world–Facebook, Blogger, G-mail, et cetera–likes to “improve” what “ain’t broken” every couple of months. Googlepages was a wonderful solution for me back when I decided I wanted a web presence back in January of 2006; it was simple and gave me everything I needed. While I love technology, I’m not what you’d call in the least a techno-geek: the learning curve for me is rather high. They were the first to introduce me to the idea that I could maintain my own site in just a few minutes a week for very little cash output.

For the last year or so, perhaps longer, Googlepages was touting the upcoming migration of all of its sites to a new platform, Google Sites.  I was not excited about this–I saw yet another “they should have left it alone” nightmare. And guess what? I was right. Google Sites and I did not mesh. I’m sure it’s a wonderful platform for many people, but I just found it clutsy, half of the features I liked were gone, and the first time I tried to update my site post-migration it was as though I had to learn how to do things all over again. I figured, if I have to learn how to do something all over again, why not do it in a new platform and get a snazzy new site simultaneously? So here I am at WordPress at the recommendation of a friend. So far, I’m loving it. And they’ll make it easy for me to register a new domain (I’d like to change it to my new name now, anyway), and eventually upgrade for more space, more audio, video, and a number of other features.

I’m migrating everything that was on the old site, so be patient if there are some pages that aren’t quite done yet. For the time being, you can visit Once this is all over, then…then I’ll have to figure out how to delete my old site. With Googlepages, that was easy. I’m sure with Google Sites, that’ll take me awhile to figure out!

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