I’m proud to say that so far, 2010 has been the best year yet! So what’s new?

“Screams of Autumn”

My short story “Screams of Autumn” has just been accepted by Spilt Milk, the Literary Magazine of Warm Milk Press. I’ll keep you posted on its availability.

Read Short Fiction

I’m honored to have been asked to serve on the staff at Read Short Fiction (www.readshortfiction.com), which is headed by Rob Mayette. We’ve reviewed several submissions over the past few months, and our first three acceptances (there are more in the queue, but they haven’t gone out yet) are now posted: “Hippie Market” by Tom Mahony,  “Handy Man” by David Landrum and “A Christmas Eve Story” by Milan Smith are all a lot of fun. Head on over there and check it out—and see Rob’s video introduction to the ’zine.

Norman Mailer Writer’s Colony

I’m already here and finally settled! In fact, I did scads of work today. I will have some access to e-mail, but as I’ve got a whole novel to write, a couple of short stories to revise, and a few book recommendations to take care of for “Dead Letters” on the The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show, I don’t know how much I’ll be online. I do plan, however, on keeping my website updated with some occasional blogging and photos about my experience—I’m usually good for about seven or so hours of writing a day, and then I need to switch gears. I’ll be back at home on February 1.

“Paisley Surprise”

If you’re on my (postal) mailing list, this year’s exclusive story chapbook, “Paisley Surprise,” will arrive soon. (Although I will note this: they’re expensive to mail, so I’m going to mail out a few each week.) Only 225 copies were printed. If you don’t think I have your postal address and would like to receive a copy, just e-mail me or use the contact form on my website. While I’ll soon join the ranks of writers everywhere and send PDFs through e-mail or post them to SCRIBD, I won’t discontinue my chapbook editions. Nothing’s as magical as getting a cool little printed and hand-bound book to put on your shelf!

About kristipetersenschoonover

A ghost story writer who still sleeps with the lights on, Kristi Petersen Schoonover’s fiction has appeared in countless magazines and anthologies. She has received three Norman Mailer Writers Colony Residencies, served as a co-editor for Read Short Fiction, has judged both writing and grant competitions and co-hosts the Dark Discussions Podcast. Her work Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole is a collection of ghost stories set in Disney Parks; her novel, Bad Apple, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She’s also a member of the New England Horror Writers Association. More info: www.kristipetersenschoonover.com

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