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Jarring Lucas Bristol Community College Honors English

Speaking to students about your work is a win-win: you get to inspire them, and you get learn things about your story you might not have seen or realized (yes, even though you wrote it—many things a writer puts into his pieces are subconscious; we’re not always aware!). Recently, I had the privilege of discussing “Jarring Lucas,” which appears in the Great Old Ones Publishing anthology CANOPIC JARS: TALES OF MUMMIES AND MUMMIFICATION with an Honors English class at Bristol Community College in Attleboro, Mass. Here we are!


I’m ecstatic some of my work is being used to help students! This summer, “Wailing Station” was taught in a Summer Session English course at Brewster Academy, a private school for grades 9-12 in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Now, “Doors” has been added to the syllabus for Bristol Community College’s Composition II: Introduction to Literature course; I’ll travel to Attleboro, MA in October to speak to the class.

“Paisley Surprise” has been included in the syllabus for Community College of Vermont’s Winooski Campus’ Freshman Seminar, Dimensions of Work, which introduces students to a number of skills they’ll need to successfully navigate college level studies. “Paisley Surprise” will be used to help the students learn about reading literature critically.

This is all really exciting. I think my late father, a high school English teacher for thirty-two years, would be pleased.

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