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Did you miss Nathan on My Ghost Story? See Segment Here.


If you missed Friday night’s airing of the Bio Channel’s My Ghost Story’s Episode 48, which featured Nathan as part of Poughkeepsie Paranormal and IndyPara [Independent Paranormal] investigating the Hudson Valley, New York’s historic Patchett House, you can catch the 10-minute segment on YouTube here: Thank you, Robert Dean Vassar for the upload!

I was lucky enough to get to watch its premiere, and am pleased to report there was one EVP that gave me the chills. Enjoy!

Nathan on Bio’s My Ghost Story tonight!

My Ghost Story Logo

Nathan (my husband) will be on Episode 48 of My Ghost Story tonight (Friday, November 09, 2012). The show airs at 9 p.m. on the Bio (Biography) Channel.

The segment in which he’s featured explores The Patchett House, a structure in Montgomery, NY, which is on the National Register of Historic Places for its role as a tavern in the 19th Century. This fine example of Victorian, Colonial and Federalist architectural styles is, today, the home of the Wallkill River School of Art. It is said to be haunted (by who or what, I don’t know –you’ll have to watch to find out) due to the frequent unexplained movement of objects, disembodied voices and other phenomena.

Nathan serves as the historian on this case, which he worked on with Hudson Valley investigative team IndyPara (Independent Parananormal). Team members include Donna Parish-Bischoff and Teri Garofolo.

Hope you can tune in!

Will you see something before they do? Hear it when they don’t? Find out! LIVE Ghost Hunt on Paranormal Valley with Nathan Schoonover TONIGHT, Jan. 17!

Want to hunt ghosts in your own living room? Join Nathan Schoonover and the IndyPara and Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators on Paranormal Valley for a LIVE ghost hunt at the historic Blue Store Restaurant in Livingston tonight from 9 p.m. – 11 p.m. ET on!

Nathan explains it all in the video below.

You’ll be able to interact with the team through the chatroom—to ask questions or to report something you’ve seen. Don’t miss it! For even more info, visit here:

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