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It was quite an amazing ride over at Read Short Fiction this year—we became a professional-rate market (as of January 1, 2013), so our submission levels increased—and our selection process intensified. We are also thrilled to announce Read the rest of this entry

READ SHORT FICTION announces Pushcart nominee

Everything, All at Once, Forever

Rob Mayette and I, co-editors at Read Short Fiction, are proud to announce that our Pushcart Prize nomination for the year goes to Michael Wehunt’s “Everything, All at Once, Forever.”

“Everything, All at Once, Forever” is a rare find. I was so overwhelmed with grief while reading this piece that when I had finished, I could barely talk. I think Rob, in our meeting, put it best when he said he was “spellbound,” that the writer is “so in command of this mindset,” and that he was “emotionally drained after reading it.” This story plumbs the terrible depths of loss in a way that few stories, for me, have; in my opinion, this is literary horror at its finest.

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