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Ray Bradbury died today, and obviously, and I’d planned on writing a blurb about how his work had a huge influence on me in so many ways: I once was so inspired by his story “The Lake” I scribbled a short story of my own in the margins of my copy of The October Country, for example. But Jen’s thoughts were so chilling and thought-provoking, I decided to share hers instead.

Behind the Press

I read “Fahrenheit 451” when I was a freshman in high school, and it’s one of those books you never forget. Someone who reads and writes regularly, it’s difficult for me to imagine a world where neither happens. But there are many days, including today, where I wonder if we’re inching closer to that reality.

People are celebrating Ray Bradbury’s work today upon the news of his death. He was 91 years old. He’s celebrated as the author who made science fiction a mainstream genre. We think of aliens and spaceships often when we think about science fiction, but Bradbury really made it about pushing the ideas of reality and pushing them forward. And that’s what “Fahrenheit 451” did — it imagined a world where books were banned and regularly burned.

It has to be hard to imagine a world where books are burned regularly because reading is not allowed. But are…

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Sometimes a reunion with a long-lost love isn’t a good idea. Gary Carter’s “Long Time Gone” is up NOW at Read Short Fiction! If you love Ray Bradbury, don’t miss this one:

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