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TalkingHead: “Right Where Mother” by Toni Verita

Talking Head Right Where Mother Cove

I get a number of interesting emails through my website. A few weeks ago, I received an email from a filmmaker in Italy named Toni Verita. Toni is working on a series called TalkingHeads, in which he blends poetry, short fiction, music and animated Barbie-esque dolls in short films, and he wrote to ask if I might like to contribute one of my stories to his series.

Of course, I was thrilled. These films are gorgeously unsettling, and I was honored to be asked. Although Hurricane Sandy (we were without power for a week) interrupted things a bit, finally, I was able to record my piece “Right Where Mother Left It” and render it into Toni’s hands.

You can see TalkingHead 23, “Right Where Mother,” below. It’s about three minutes long.

Right Where Mother/TalkingHead 23/a short film by Toni Verità

written and narrated by Kristi Petersen Schoonover
composer Steve Reich / 18 Musicians
avid editor Toni Verità
made in Quinnipak

If you like what you see, enjoy more over at Toni’s YouTube Channel at He is also on Facebook.

I’m looking forward to working with Toni again in the future—we’re talking about a couple of interesting things, so hopefully they work out. Stay tuned!

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