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Vagabondage’s Press’ Love Notes anthology will hit shelves just in time for V-Day gift-giving. Cozy night by the fire, anyone?

Many years ago, I wrote poetry. One of my favorites, “Today,” has just been accepted for Vagabondage Press’ Love Notes, an anthology of “passionate and romantic poetry…suitable for gift giving”[1] for Valentine’s Day 2012.

As of now, Love Notes is due out January 31. I’ll keep you posted. For more information about Vagabondage Press and to explore their current titles, visit

A winter afternoon sun watches a flock of birds alight on the bay off the Norman Mailer house’s back porch, January, 2011.

In other news, I’ve been awarded a Winter Residency up at the Norman Mailer Writer’s Colony inProvincetown,Mass., and this time will be staying in the late writer’s home from February 1 – 15, 2012. I’m once again looking forward to a healthy and very productive two weeks in a beautiful environment. Although Ptown is gorgeous in the summer, I prefer it in winter: its atmosphere and light is perfect for writing ghost stories—and wow do I have so many in my head I can’t wait to get down on paper!

Despite last year’s rough winter, the birds were singing outside my Ptown apartment. 

[1] Taken from Vagabondage Press’ original call for submissions for the Love Notes anthology.


BAD APPLE Not all things in the orchard are safe to pick.

Today is my 40th birthday (that’s right, I’m just a few months older than Walt Disney World), and what a present I got this year! I’m thrilled to announce that Vagabondage Press Books has just picked up my first horror novel, BAD APPLE.

BAD APPLE will be released this year in print and electronic versions. We’re in the very early stages now, so I don’t have many more details, but I will keep you all posted—I know this book has been anticipated by many of you for a long time.

Vagabondage has been publishing The Battered Suitcase since 2008; BAD APPLE is part of the debut of their novel, novella, and novelette line. If you’d like more information about Vagabondage, visit their website:


My short story “Waterproof”—which Battered Suitcase editor Fawn Neun called “eerily touching”—is now available in the magazine’s Winter 2010 Issue! This story was part of my Bachelor’s thesis at Burlington College and was written in 2006. It stayed hidden in a drawer for many years, and after many people who had read early versions of it asked me when it would be available in print, I went in search of a home for it earlier this year. The Battered Suitcase was it!

The great thing about The Battered Suitcase is that there is a version of each issue for every taste and budget. From their website:

Collector’s Edition                                                            $42.99

The complete edition – full color art, prose and poetry, glossy,

coffee-table size quality paperback

Journal Print Edition                                                        $12.99

Prose and poetry of The Battered Suitcase

Art Print Edition                                                               $17.99

Full color art edition


All formats: pdf, mobi, epub, lrf, and pdb                        $2.99

To purchase any of these print/digital editions, click here:

Winter 2010

Volume 3, Issue Three

ONLINE                                                                           FREE

To read the online edition (free), click here:

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