The terrific display store owner Louis put together!

When Skeletons first came out, I wanted to look at some creative places at which to sell it—I didn’t want to go just the bookstore route. My neighborhood wine shoppe, Brookfield Country Wine & Spirits, seemed like a good place to try it out.

Owner Louis Venezia did a terrific display with Halloween-themed products, and I’m happy to report that they’ve sold more copies than I would’ve expected…every time I stop in there, they need more books! Indeed…Spirits and Skeletons make a great fit!

Brookfield Country Wine & Spirits is located in the ShopRite Plaza at 143 Federal Road in Brookfield, Connecticut. Their staff is knowledgeable, their prices are very reasonable, and they have a huge selection of wines. I won’t buy my libations from anyplace else, these guys are so great. They also have daily wine tastings and other events, so you may want to check them out. Their website is

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  1. Congratulatons! Glad you didn’t try a Jersey vintner. (Generally places of unassuming prepandials that sneak up, pick your pocket, and leave through the back door.)

    • There was this one cool liquor store in Jersey I went into once and you literally pulled open a fake row of liquor shelves at the back of the store (like in a haunted house’s library) and there was a BAR behind it where you could drink and smoke. It was totally cool. Reminded me of something out of the Prohibition. I went there a couple of times. I’m assuming it wasn’t legal for them to have such a thing in the back or it wouldn’t have been behind a fake wall.

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