What chilled YOUR childhood? John Grover might know—Scary Scribes’ March Episode is here!

After reading his stories “3:15” and “The Tie That Binds,” Scary Scribes sits down with Creatures and Crypts writer John Grover and talks Kill Baby Kill, demonic possession, the nature of man as inherently evil (or not?), and scary images from the past—there’s a reason we’ve dubbed him the King of Childhood Chills! Join us and think about what scared YOU the most when you were young. Listen any time or download it for your listen-later pleasure right from this blog here:

Scary Scribes Ep 3 – John Grover, 03-25-2012

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  1. It’s funny you should ask. The two things that come to mind are both fallout from movies! The House Of Dark Shadows (that my mother INSISTED I see at age 12 since it was filmed on location in the Lockwood Mathews Mansion nearby) creeped me for 3 weeks afterwards. I remember being fearful of going around the hall corner near by bedroom, afraid something/someone would pop out at me, and trying to take that corner as wide as possible so as not to get jumped. Good ol’ Barnabus Collins.

    The second movie was the original Poseidon Adventure. Less of a supernatural creep and more just a lingering fear of being trapped underwater in a cruise ship. That would be the ULTIMATE horror location- a cruise ship with NO WHERE to escape. Great- now I creeped myself out again.

  2. Oh, man, Karen, I so hear you about that “dark corner” thing! What’s funny is I too was VERY scared by the Poseidon Adventure, mostly because there’s a scene in there with a lot of red light. Shortly after I saw that movie, my parents ran out of bulbs for my nightlight, so they used a red Christmas Tree bulb instead. Yeah, I didn’t sleep for weeks. And if you don’t like scary ship stuff, stay away from Ghost Ship. The movie kind of sucked, but there sure are some terrifying images in there, I’ll give it that!

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