When a friend kills you off in her book, you’re loved!

I’ve always loved those t-shirts that proudly declare “Careful, you’ll end up in my novel” or “I’m a writer. Consider yourself warned” (and if you think these are in jest, I’ll give you the phone numbers of three of my ex-boyfriends). 

Seriously, though, I frequently model characters on people I know. Most of the time, this is positive. And I wondered what it would feel like on the flip side.

When horror writer Stacey Longo wrote her creepy little children’s tale Pookie and the Lost & Found friend, I got my chance.

KPS Loch Ness Tombstone

Yup, she killed me off.

But it was in a way I’d love to go: swimming—which I love so much I’ve always envisioned heaven to be full of swimming pools—in the Loch where a creature with which I’ve been obsessed my whole life is said to lurk. It shows a true understanding of me, and in turn, illustrates a measure of how much she loves me.

So remember, if some piece of you shows up in someone’s story, it means you are important. You came to his mind, and you inspired him. You’re loved in a way not everyone gets to be loved.

Even if it means you get killed off.

If you want to check out Stacey’s Pookie and the Lost & Found Friend, you can do that here: http://amzn.com/0615660886. Or, you can stop up at Colchester, Connecticut’s Books & Boos and have it signed by Stacey herself.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pookie and the Lost & Found Friend

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  1. It’s true. I do love you – and hoped your demise in the Loch would be exactly how you’d like to go!

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