Beach Weddings are Good for the Soul

You know what they say…life’s a beach. It has been, for me, these past few months while I’ve not been blogging (at all), not marketing any work, and spending some time writing and pulling myself together. But the crowning moment for me this year, so far, was spending a week in Myrtle Beach with Nathan, where his family was having a reunion…and a wedding! The week and the event renewed my energy, and reminded me that although you can always take a break from things for awhile, sometimes the best way to prevent stagnation during that time off is go someplace new and do something different. And oh, yeah…go to the beach.

Here are a couple of videos I put together of the beach wedding. Congratulations, Kelly and Sean (mostly I’m posting you so can have instant gratification, but you’ll be getting DVDs of these, all the raw video, and the photos your cousin Nathan took in the next day or so)! These are high-rez, so they may take a bit to load or pause to give them time to load. (and for my regular readers: if you look really closely in the reception video you can spot me doing the “Electric Slide!”).

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