MS for THE SHADOWS BEHIND has been delivered…and a new project

Attempted Delivery Piranha Skeleton

Margolynn gets an odd item in the mail in “Attempted Delivery.”

The manuscript for my upcoming short story collection, The Shadows Behind, has been delivered to the publisher, Books & Boos Press! The slated release date is April 2019.

This collection will contain some new stories, as well as some out-of-print pieces and reprints from currently available anthologies (if you’ve never picked any of those up, now you’ll be able to get some of them in one place). A few that are potentially included:

“Attempted Delivery” – An anxiety-ridden bookkeeper’s world changes when a piranha skeleton is accidentally delivered to her house.

“Deconstructing Fireflies” – The line between life and death is blurred in a time when man must create animals in order to eat. Co-written with Nathan Schoonover.

“Doors” – A city executive obsessed with order is forced to clean out the rural home of her late mother—a hoarder with a surprising secret.

“Immolation” – A man is called to the side of an active volcano for the sake of love, but it might be too hot to handle.

“The Sound of Sorrow” – A mysterious sound haunts a man who has avoided his past.

Doors ghost at top of stairs

Something’s waiting for Elise at the top of the stairs in “Doors.”

While there’s a lot to do before this book hits the shelves–editing, prepping for marketing, planning a release party, et cetera–a new project has hit me out of nowhere, so right now, my energies are going to that. It’s a piece I started working on in 2015, but it just never took off until now (in fact, I junked the entire original draft and started over, taking it in a new direction).

Stay tuned! I’ll be posting more updates here.

The Shadows Behind Nobilo Wine

Completion of a project always calls for my favorite wine!

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