Dark Thoughts of the Ladies of Salem: Lady Scarlet

Sponsor and Artist Unknown (unclear)


Ladies of Salem - Unknown

Lady Scarlet

The love of my life is gone.

About this Series

In my dark love story “Carving Grace,” figureheads wander the streets at night in pursuit of happiness—yours. In honor of its publication in NEHW Press’ Wicked Creatures this month (coming soon!), I’m celebrating figureheads for 2021 Poe Season!

In Salem this summer, I discovered a collection of figureheads called The Lady of Salem Maritime Public Art Celebration, https://www.salem.org/listing/lady-salem-maritime-public-art-celebration/. I took photos of as many as we spotted, and thought if, they were figureheads in my story, what would each be thinking? I made up their names (except for where indicated) and included sponsor and artist names if they were legible.

About kristipetersenschoonover

A ghost story writer who still sleeps with the lights on, Kristi Petersen Schoonover’s fiction has appeared in many magazines and anthologies; her traditionally published books include a short story collection, THE SHADOWS BEHIND. She was the recipient of three Norman Mailer Writers Colony Residencies and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. She serves as co-host of the DARK DISCUSSIONS podcast, as founding editor of the dark literary journal 34 ORCHARD, and is a member of the New England Horror Writers. Follow her adventures at kristipetersenschoonover.com.

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  1. Mary Ellen Halliwell

    Glad you found inspiration in the “Lady of Salem” Maritime Public Art Celebration. My brain child is entering it’s 10th year. I often thought about adding a literary component to the project. There will be more figureheads in 2022. Perhaps a sequel to your series is in the offing!

    • Mary, I am THRILLED and HONORED that you found this post! I am so excited to hear there may be something else in the offing. This is wonderful. I hope to see more of these. They are just magical and incredible, and were absolutely my favorite thing in Salem. I think a literary component would make this so interesting.

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