I love my ANGRY MAMA!

Angry Mama

The Angry Mama will take your microwave to task.

It’s been such a crazy couple of months I sorta fell behind on everything—including housework (NO ONE is to come into my home until I get this place under control). Anyway…the first step in getting this place back on track—other than, of course, a nice big trip to Bath & Body Works to replenish my spring wallflowers and candles, first things first!—was to deep clean the microwave.

The best and easiest way to clean the microwave is to create a vinegar/water steamer (I love my oven cleaner and Windex, but if you want to get your microwave to sparkle with minimal work? This is the way to go). The usual way to do it is to take a Pyrex, add two parts bleach to one part water, float a toothpick in it, and microwave it for anywhere from four to seven minutes on high (how long depends on your wattage and trial and error—you want it to be steaming when you open that door). Then just reach in with a paper towel, and all the grime and stains wipe away with ease.

However, a few years ago, I discovered the Angry Mama, which eliminates the need for the toothpick, and also, the difficulty taking Pyrex bowls of liquid out of the oven. Fill to the appropriate lines, set her in your microwave, and fire it up. The box says seven minutes, but I find that for my oven, five is where I want it.

Anyway—our microwave was so disgusting I thought it was going to take some deep scrubbing this time, but no! It took me less than a minute to get the whole oven looking like this:

Clean microwave

Look, how PRETTY!!

No, I didn’t post a “before” picture–as someone who prides herself on clean, I would be totally embarrassed. Most of this was covered in tomato sauce, butter, spilled soup and God knows what else. It looked like someone had been murdered in there.

Bottom line is that I now feel ready to start tackling getting this place in shape. Baby steps. But it’s a start.

You should be able to find Angry Mamas in various stores—I’ve seen them around—but the easiest place to get them is at Amazon (hint: she really does make a great gift. Especially for single guys. They frown at first, then they use her once and call me up and go, ‘oh, holy s—. This is fun!’ And LOL – if he happens to be your ex, you can always get him one that looks like his current girlfriend. They come in all kinds of different hair colors!) Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0838KQRHQ?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_6000FC6DSYTJJ3HWQEG7

Happy steaming!

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  1. What a clever invention! Kinda makes cleaning fun, eh? I have a pink vacuum cleaner with a big, smiley face on it. Her name is Hetty.:-) It’s the same principal: cool things make cleaning (kind of) fun!

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