HORROR LIBRARY VOL 7 – a solid collection which includes my story “February Thaw” — is here! Plus: see rare personal video of the REAL Yellowknife)!

Horror Library Volume 7

My short story “February Thaw” is now available in Dark Moon Books’ Horror Library Volume 7—and this Table of Contents is so stellar, I promise it’s a volume you’ll be glad you own.

“February Thaw”—about a woman who flees Miami to confront her past near the Arctic circle—is inspired by my friend MJ Preston, a writer whose novels, like The Acadia Event, are inspired by his days as an ice road trucker (he’s the real deal!) who in 2016 actually sent me a 45th birthday wish from his stop in Yellowknife—and here it is!

This story, written in December of 2019, was also inspired by this 2015 (also on my birthday) photo my friend Kristina Hals posted on her Facebook page:

Scary Snow Words -- Kristina Hals

Photo by Kristina Hals.

I won’t give you any more spoilers for the story—you’ll just have to pick up a copy and check it out!

Beyond that, it’s difficult for me to find an anthology in which I fall in love with every piece, and this is one of those—every tale was great (and if you love my work or what we publish in 34 Orchard in particular, then you’re going to be very happy with a lot of the work in here). That said, I think my favorites were Suki Litchfield’s “The Kid in the Ambulance,” Christi Nogle’s “The Apartment,” and Terry Dowling’s “The Key to Mabella.” Not convinced yet? There are stories by Bentley Little, William Meikle, and Lucy Taylor. There’s also an Artist’s Gallery by Allen Koszowski.

The volume also includes Rex Burrow’s piece, “Skandalopetra,” which had been submitted to 34 Orchard, and I was crushed I couldn’t include it—it was excellent, but it just wasn’t quite a fit with what we had going in our issue at the time (someday I’ll talk about how many fantastic stories we receive in the 34O inbox and I just can’t take them all). I was thrilled to see that not only was it picked up by a fantastic publication like Horror Library, but that “February Thaw” shares a TOC with it!

It was also a great surprise to find out “February Thaw” also shared a TOC with Liam Hogan’s “In the Devil’s Footsteps.” Liam’s story “Amy’s Game” appeared in 34 Orchard’s second issue, Fall 2020, which you can check out here: https://34orchard.com/issues/issue-2/

I hope you’ll pick up this volume. It’s a gorgeous addition to any shelf or a boon to your Kindle library, and makes a fantastic gift for the horror readers in your life.

You can purchase in paperback or Kindle formats here: https://amzn.to/3NL4eIY

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  1. Haha, MJ has a sense of humor! Congratulations to you and all the authors involved in Horror Library Vol 7!

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