Love animals? Love Anne Rice? Thrilled to announce “Haint Gonna Happen” in ANNE RICE BENEFIT ANTHO on May 22!

I’m proud to announce that I can finally let the proverbial cat out of the bag: my story, “Haint Gonna Happen,” is coming MAY 22 in Dancing in the Shadows: An Anne Rice Tribute Anthology! ALL PROCEEDS—100%—will benefit ANIMAL RESCUE OF NEW ORLEANS, which was founded within days of Katrina and saved thousands of animals post-disaster—kitties and puppies lived because of these fine volunteers, and their work continues today.

Anne Rice "Haint Gonna Happen" Promo Square

Excited? The publisher’s got a page with fun supplemental materials here.

Edited by Elaine Pascale and Rebecca Rowland, many amazing writers contributed to this project because we believe in supporting our community, and we received no compensation for this. It’s the only place you can read “Haint Gonna Happen,” get great horror by some of my favorite writers (a couple of whom appearing in 34 Orchard in the fall)—and help lots of distressed adorable animals. Please help—this organization is close to my heart!

For more information on Animal Rescue of New Orleans, visit here.

You can pre-order the Kindle edition for $2.99 here. Prefer hard copy? Print will be available on May 22.

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Here’s the full TOC:

House of Blood and Stone ♣ C.W. Blackwell

The Witch Mirror ♣ Morgan Sylvia

The Rosary of Broken Promises ♣ Greg Herren

Blood of the Rougarou ♣ Holly Rae Garcia

The Layover ♣ Douglas Ford

Haint Gonna Happen ♣ Kristi Petersen Schoonover

A Freshening Wind ♣ Gordon B. White

All Cats Are Gray ♣ Tim Mendees

Kindred Spirits ♣ Stephanie Ellis

A Little Stain ♣ Scotty Milder

Black Mold Lullabies ♣ Holley Cornetto

Green As Life ♣ Lamont A. Turner

Unrest ♣ KC Grifant

Moss Manor ♣ Lee Andrew Forman

The Unwrapping ♣ Anthony S. Buoni

Dirty Unhappy Things ♣ Trish Wilson

Interview with the Almighty ♣ Angela Yuriko Smith

The Governess of Bethel Abbey ♣ Christine Lajewski

Only Bees Remember ♣ E. F. Schraeder

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A ghost story writer who still sleeps with the lights on, Kristi Petersen Schoonover’s fiction has appeared in many magazines and anthologies; her traditionally published books include a short story collection, THE SHADOWS BEHIND. She was the recipient of three Norman Mailer Writers Colony Residencies and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. She serves as co-host of the DARK DISCUSSIONS podcast, as founding editor of the dark literary journal 34 ORCHARD, and is a member of the New England Horror Writers. Follow her adventures at

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  1. What an important charity. Definitely gonna pick up Dancing in the Shadows!

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