A win for the weekend!

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An incredible finish to an awesome week! I didn’t think my amazing week could get any better, but the Cemetery Dance reviewer mentioned my story “Nothing to See Here” in Generation X-ed and the praise was mind-blowing. I’m humbled and honored. Then, the Disney’s Robin Hood backpack I have had my eye on for over a year but could never order because it was out of stock finally arrived!! Link to the Generation X-ed review is here, and if you haven’t gotten this book yet, you should! I’m in here with some very talented writers, and if you’re a GenX-er, then this is something you’ll definitely want to own.

I am really pleased that “Nothing to See Here” has been so appreciated, as this story was a tough one to write; the opening scene is pretty much a twist on what was really going on in my house the day of the Challenger disaster, and it was not a pleasant trip down memory lane. The story was mentioned in The Horror Tree review back in December—and that review was the one that just made me realize that I need to keep writing, no matter what. The World According to J! also mentioned it in his review. It’s exciting to get a good review, simply because it tells me I’m doing my job well. I guess I could compare it to, in the non-writing world, getting a merit raise or bonus. It’s something to be proud of, and something to scream to the world.

Cemetery Dance Nothing to See Here Mention

A clip from the Cemetery Dance Online review by Dave Simms. I think the specific story he’s referencing is King’s “The Mist” (how gd cool is THAT? I particularly loved this because I was reading that book back in the summer of 1992 when I was working overnight security at URI, so I have a nostalgic connection to that piece in particular.) Read the full review here.

Horror Tree Nothing to See Here Mention

The Horror Tree‘s review by Holley Cornetto. Read the full review here.



The World According to J!‘s Review. Watch the full review on YouTube here or read it on Goodreads here.

You can order your copy here: https://bit.ly/GetGenXed



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  1. Two awesome reviews. Congrats!

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