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BAD APPLE makes “best of” lists


Every once in a while you find out something that just makes your day. Recently, I discovered my novel Bad Apple was listed on a couple of Favorites/Best Of Lists (and in all the wedding planning and post-wedding clean-up chaos I missed it). So it was a nice surprise to find out that

Literary Mayhem’s Peter Schwotzer, who reviewed the book last year, named it to his My Favorite Books for 2013 List here and science fiction writer Brady Allen recommended it on his Way Out There blog as 8 Books You Might Like here.

In addition, Elissa Malcohn recommended it in connection with caregiving, as Bad Apple is the story of my experience with youth caregiving told through the lens of fiction. Read her interview over at The Genius Salon  here.


Brady Allen’s “Dog Farts and Dancer Girls” is a comment on what can break down in a romantic relationship—often, it’s what’s never said.

I love the mood in this piece; I can feel the weight of what’s unspoken in that car in the first scene—even though I’m not quite sure what it is right off the bat, I know that it’s something monumental, something that threatens to split this couple in half. If you’ve got trouble in love, this story might just give you some ideas on what you shouldn’t do.

Check it out at Read Short Fiction here:

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