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Had lunch at the Governor Bradford in P-Town on Friday, went to use the Ladies’ Room, and this was on the door inside the stall facing the john. TOTAL WIN! Had I been drinking wine at the time, it would have come out my nose.

This probably won’t make the Fail Blog since it’s not obvious in the photo that the ad is on the inside of a bathroom stall and that’s really the joke,  so I decided to upload it and just share it with all of you here.  If you’d like to check out the original, however, you can do that here.

FRIDAY NIGHT CHEER FAIL or, What Still Doesn’t Make Sense Even After a Couple of Mai Tais…

Where are my annual Christmas Short Story Chapbooks? They’re still coming…but they have mysteriously morphed into New Year’s Short Story Chapbooks! (The lack of that extra week just about killed me this time around…) So, I’m spreading a slightly different bit of cheer tonight…“toilet” humor.

I decided to pull together a photo submission for the FAIL BLOG. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the FAIL BLOG…well, you just have to go visit to find out what it’s all about (I recommend NOT having a mouthful of liquid when you visit). You can check it out here:

This is the Ladies’ Room in my favorite Chinese restaurant, Ching Tao, in Middletown, RI (very familiar to all my Newport Writer Buds)! In case my photo never makes it to the blog, here it is:

Yeah, I know. What the hell is up with that?

If you want to “vote” for the photo (I’m not really sure what this means, actually), or see the submission in its entirety, you can visit that here.

Until next time…don’t go to the bathroom alone. Especially at the office Christmas party.

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