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2021 Wishes & Intentions Update

Wishes & Intentions 2021

I’m a couple of weeks behind on this, but January 2 was Wishes & Intentions Day! My friend Heather and I write—just free-flow, no premeditation—things we’d like to accomplish, achieve, receive, or do in the new year. On Wishes & Intentions Day, we open the envelope for the prior year, see how many we got, and then make our new one.

In 2021, out of 63, I accomplished Read the rest of this entry

Yesterday was Wishes & Intentions Day!

Every year for the past few, my friend Heather and I have taken January 2 to write down our wishes and intentions for the coming year. We then seal them up in an envelope, and open them on January 2 the following year before writing new ones.

I totally forget what’s on mine, so it’s always interesting to see what I’ve written down. I’m happy to say that I accomplished 11 out of 22 in 2020 (and some are still “in progress”)—among them, write more, get the toxicity out of my life, keep my home office clean, and stop going to so many events so that I can enjoy more time at home (when I saw that one, I got the creeps).

I went more specific for 2021, and have 63 wishes and intentions. We’ll see what happens!

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