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52 Weeks of Spam: Winners, Week of March 19

Winners, Week of March 19:

are you from Danbury?

From:   [Surprise! An AOL address!]


I live inDanburytoo. Few weeks back I was fired from my job. I needed money so that I can feed my family then I came acorss a news article titled “Local mom fromDanburyreceived $19,716 in grants”. I was in a little questioning when I read it. So I researched about grants & found that these gov. grants are not like loans; they don’t have to be paid back. Gov Grants are paying bills, getting a house, starting your own business, going to school, or even for raising your children.

I asked some of my mates and I found that one of them did received the government grants. Then I thought that I should also give it a try, so I followed the steps given in the news website and also applied for it, and 2 days back I received a check of $11311! Now I can do anything with this money.. In app I mentioned that I need government grants for own edu. Now I am eligible to use it for any purpose you name it and I do not need to pay it back. I guess I will first buy an iPad, MacBook, and few more gadgests 🙂 from it &then, I will use it for the actual purpose. hmm yeah I like such stuff 🙂

The news site where I read the story is [scary link]. I guess the article will be featured on the home-page until tomorrow.

Kind regards

[No Name]

[Check out this Signature Line!]: When a true genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I should admit that I was from Danbury. But then I read further, and I realized that holy crap! A grant isn’t a loan and I don’t have to pay it back! And apparently I can use it to buy whatever I want like an Ipad, even if it’s supposed to be used to feed my starving family! 

Everybody hates Spam—it fills up your Inbox (unless you’ve got G-mail, which does a great job of putting it in an appropriately-labeled folder), clogs your blog (WordPress does a great job filtering, too), and can threaten your computer’s security.

I have to say though, I love my Spam. It cracks me up—it’s poorly spelled, illiterate, and often leaves me wondering who would be dumb enough to click on the link for whatever product/service/lottery winning from mysterious relative in a country you’ve never heard of. So I decided in 2012 I’d go through my Spam each week and pick my favorites to share with the world. I remove the sender and any links that might be damaging (plus, who wants to give them press?).

See you next week! If you get any great Spam, you can post it here, just strip any links and the sender’s e-mail. And be sure to say something in the post to let me know you’re real. Otherwise I might think you’re…well, Spam.

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