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“Our Lips Are Sealed” now in Sediments Literary-Arts’ A HAUNTING



My short story “Our Lips Are Sealed” — about a woman who may be having an unusual experience with her wine glass collection — is now available in Sediments Literary-Arts Journal‘s A Haunting issue. It takes its place next to several wonderful ghost stories (I especially loved Adam “Bucho” Rodenberger’s “Welcome to the Fireworks”) and hauntingly beautiful artwork (a favorite of mine is Amanda Bess Allen’s “Sleepy Hollow”).

On a personal note, what’s even cooler is the editor referenced “Our Lips Are Sealed” in her introductory note!

Best enjoyed with a bottle, you can check out everything in the issue here and read “Our Lips Are Sealed” here.

Hurricanes, Horror, H.P. and Hiram Grange on Scary Scribes—listen here!

If you missed this past Sunday’s live broadcast of the October Episode of Scary Scribes with Kevin Lucia, here’s where you can listen in:

or directly from this website here:

Scary Scribes Ep 9 – Kevin Lucia, 10-28-2012


My short story “Camouflage” was reprinted in the anthology Creepy Things—and it’s on sale for $14.99 from now through October 31st! The anthology is chock-full of stories about bugs, so you need a good freak-out and bugs are the things that do it for you, then don’t miss it!

Creepy Things can be purchased here at the sale price through the Static Movement affiliate store October 31st; it should be available through Amazon shortly:

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