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…and now, our Poe Party: The Masque of the Red Death

If you know me, then you know my past is peppered with some pretty cool theme parties. You also know, then, that photos and ephemera from all of those parties, held between 1998 and 2003, are down in my basement, awaiting, well…what, back then, was the preferred method of chronicling: scrapbooks.

Obviously, my life got busy with other things, and so the scrapbooks went by the wayside. But that doesn’t mean—thanks to the changes in technology and sharing over the past decade—that the stuff has to stay down there, seen only by me and remembered only by the guests.

Over the next couple of years I plan on getting all of these up on my site for others to enjoy, and for me, it will be fun taking a trip down memory lane in a way I didn’t expect: prints that weren’t so great, because we had cheap little film cameras and we couldn’t see what we were getting until the rolls were developed (and let’s talk about budget: I had X number of rolls of film for the night and that was IT—I didn’t shoot like a crazy person, I had to carefully mete out my shots!); invitations that were cut and pasted together on white paper and then run on the desired stock through a copy machine (no average-Joe In-Design programs or websites like VistaPrint and Shutterfly openly available to the public!).

Here was one of my favorite parties: The Masque of the Red Death, a celebration of Edgar Allan Poe, held November 4, 2000. I recommend watching it full screen.

Oh, yes, and while we’re at it…happy birthday, Mr. Poe!