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New Year’s Eve news: I’m guest editing an antho for Jan. 2018!

Thrilled to announce that I’ll be guest editing the January 2018 edition in the Ink Stains anthology series (and my awesome friend Tamela Ritter, author of From These Ashes, will be guest editing for April 2018!) In addition, my short story “Blood on the Snow” will be out in an upcoming Ink Stains edition in just a couple of months! What a way to kick off the year! Two editions of Ink Stains are already available. For info, go here:


Take the 2016 Reading Challenge!

A couple of weeks ago I was tagged in a Facebook post by my West Coast writer-friend Cyndee Mady: “The 2016 Reading Challenge” (she is referring to our graduate school days at Goddard College, where we got our MFAs but also spent hours and hours in our respective positions on The Pitkin Review, the MFACW program’s literary journal):

Cyndee Mady Pitkin Review Read the rest of this entry


It’s only a couple of weeks into 2012, and if one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to lose weight—but the only thing you’re losing is steam—then don’t miss Seenat Thongdee’s short story “Waiting to be Thin” at Read Short Fiction. This hilarious look at the daily “battle of the bulge” might be just what you need to get gaining on your goal again.

We are especially pleased and proud that with “Waiting to be Thin,” Seenat makes her writing debut. We hope to see this fresh new voice grace many pages of many publications in the future.


10 Ways to Relax and Procrastinate Doing Just About Anything (even if you’re the type who feels guilty doing nothing)

I’ve always been the type who has way too much on her plate and feels guilty when nothing gets done…so I love the Holidays, because they give me an excuse to just flake out.

But the new year is here with lots to accomplish. I’ve found it’s much harder to get back on the horse after theHolidaybreak these past five years or so: it goes from standstill to hyper-speed in what seems like one day; it’s like there’s no “easing back in” anymore. And as fast as our world these days expects us to move, experts agree downtime lowers stress levels and helps a person not only stay healthy, but be more productive.

So, here are my top ten ways (in no particular order) to relax—and procrastinate doing just about anything—even if you’re the type who feels guilty doing nothing.

First, spend an hour making a list of all the things you want to accomplish that day. Then, do one or more of the following:

Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, and do not multi-task during the conversation.

Drink just one more glass of wine/beer/soda/coffee.

Tune in to a marathon of a favorite show or podcast. That way, you can say, ‘I’m just going to watch/listen to one more episode and then I’m going to do xxx.’

Next time you’re in the bathroom, open that magazine you keep on the back of the john and instead of just looking at the photos, read one full article.

Get on the great time-suck called Google Earth. Look at your old neighborhoods, your friend’s houses, your favorite vacation spots, et cetera.

Pick up a novel/anthology you’ve been meaning to read, and tell yourself you’ll read one more chapter or story before you go do xxx.

Google your favorite topic to see if there are any new articles since the last time you were obsessed—or, if you’ve set up a Google alert for that particular topic, head on over to your e-mail and catch up.

Surf Youtube for whatever floats your boat, such as music videos from a favorite band. Then watch them all.

Take a long hot bath/shower.

Play Solitaire until you win (I still do it with real cards, but you can also do it on the computer). Or, play your favorite game (system or hosting social site doesn’t matter) until you reach the next level.

These keep the mind engaged, so I find they usually work. In case they don’t?

Well…there’s always Facebook.

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