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Looking to chill your room this summer? Do it with Tales to Terrify!

Tales to Terrify March 2012 Cover

As you might assume, I’m always looking for a few more scary stories to read. And if you’re a busy one like me who sometimes only has time to “read” via audio—in the car or doing whatever—then you’ll especially be interested in this.

In January, writer Lawrence Santoro  (and here’s his blog: started the Tales to Terrify podcast—a scarefest that brings back the days of old-time radio in the best way possible. I’m hooked.

Hosted by Santoro, each episode features readings of stories and/or poems from the classics (think Poe, Lovecraft, and more) as well as today’s movers and shakers. In addition, there are insightful features no horror fan should miss, like Kevin Lucia’s Horror 101, in which he traces the roots of the macabre from its beginnings to today, Martin Mundt on the horror life, and so much more…this isn’t just a show about stories. It’s a thinking horror reader’s dream.

If that weren’t enough, Santoro’s voice is chilling in itself. When Jason Sanford called him “the Vincent Price of podcasts,” he wasn’t exaggerating!

So if you’re looking for a way to cool down this summer, this is it. Turn out the lights, turn up the AC and get under the blanket: it’s time for Tales to Terrify.

You can listen to any of their past episodes here: If you’d like to hear me read Nina Kiriki Hoffman’s “My Tears Have Been My Meat,” check out Episode #24 here:

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