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The Third Kid from the Left

Sometimes I sit up late at night and catch up on my blog reading. I have many I subscribe to, but once in awhile I come upon a post by a person I don’t know through LinkedIn or Facebook or wherever I happen to be playing at the moment, and it’s funny how those are the ones that always leave the biggest impression on me—it’s like someone’s trying to tell me something.

A few nights ago I was catching up on some things, and I stumbled across a post by writer Jerry V. Dollar.

It was called “The Third Kid from the Left,” and it had to do with the school pictures we all had done when we were kids…and where those kids are now. The post was simple, poignant, sad…and it’s been haunting me ever since.

I’m not going to write another word. Just stop what you’re doing, go over there, and read this:

The Third Kid from the Left.

Now: are you wondering where the you who truly believed in happy endings went?

Yeah. Me too.

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