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Wake the Witch anthology, for benefit of Red Cross, available

May-December Publications’ Wake the Witch anthology, which contains my long out-of-print short story “Whether Girl” and benefits the Red Cross, is now available in both print (paperback) and Kindle editions.

“Whether Girl” was originally published in the Summer 2005 issue of The Wheel.

From the publisher’s website at

“Prepare to have a spell cast over you by this collection of bewitching tales; each one cast out by well-trained sorcerer or sorceress with a heart of gold. These charms and incantations were offered gratis as a spell of protection and assistance for people around the world suffering from tragedy and heartbreak. By reading this tome, you will be helping a stranger, a neighbor, or perhaps even yourself.
We thank each and every author that donated their stories for this charity anthology: Adam Millard, Bennie Newsome, Chantal Boudreau, CW LaSart, DA Chaney, David Landrum, Elizabeth Butler, Geoffery Crescent, Ken Goldman, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Marius Dicomites, Mark Jones, Michael Frissore, Todd Brown and Walter Campbell.”

From the book’s Introduction:

“May December Publications is proud to present to you this little anthology of witch-themed stories. It should be noted that everything you are holding was donated by the artists. None of the contributors to this anthology received so much as a contributor’s copy for the work included in these pages. The reason is simple: we want every penny of proceeds to go to the Red Cross. 2011 was a year many would like to forget. From devastating floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes, to a tsunami that caused a nuclear event that will have lingering effects on the people of Japan.

It seems that every year there are terrible events in the news that kill and displace thousands. The sad truth is that the public consciousness only lasts for the few days that the images are on their television screens. Yet, for the victims of disaster, the story continues long after the cameras pack up and head for the next “event”. To that end, May December Publications wants to offer the proceeds from this anthology to the Red Cross in quarterly checks in the name of all who contributed. It may not be much, but as the saying goes, every little bit helps.

I urge you all to remember that the need for your help does not end simply because nobody is talking about the problem. Thank you for purchasing this book. You have unwittingly (or maybe wittingly) helped a person in need.

TW Brown

Editor, May December Publications”

To purchase in Print:

To purchase for Kindle:


May December Publications has accepted my short story “Whether Girl” for its upcoming Wake the Witch anthology, the proceeds of which will be donated to an as-yet unannounced charity.

“Whether Girl” was first published by The Wheel in its Summer, 2005 issue, and hasn’t been available—in print or digital—since. The Wheel was a great little magazine of pagan fiction, and I miss what it featured. I’m proud that “Whether Girl” is now going to be available again now that The Wheel is no longer around.

Here’s the Table of Contents for Wake the Witch, as posted on May December’s website here:

1 Chantal Boudreau Witch Vanity

2 Kristi Petersen Schoonover : Whether Girl

3 David Landrum : The Conduit

4 CW LaSart : A Wise Woman’s Revenge

5 Ken Goldman : Mercy Hathaway is a Witch

6 Adam Millard : The Witching Well Hag

7 Elizabeth Butler : of cucumbers and curses

8 Marius Dicomites : Born Again

9 Bennie Newsome : Generational Curse

10 Michael Frissore : Trevor Talks

11 Walter Campbell : You next appointment

12 Mark Jones : The Strange Case of Melinda P. Zinnecker

13 DA Chaney : Homicidal

14 Geoffrey Crescent : 360 Degrees

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