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It’s here! INK STAINS VOLUME 7: DECAY – get a free peek!

Ink Stains Cover

I’m pleased to announce that the anthology I’ve spent a year curating, Ink Stains: A Dark Fiction Anthology Volume 7—Decay is now available! Containing fifteen pieces by young, fresh, and seasoned voices alike, the stories in this volume focus on the various ways decay permeates our lives and very beings.

I’ve always wanted to put together an anthology, so it was thrilling when Dark Alley Press gave me the opportunity. It’s been an incredible journey—I’ve worked with some very talented writers, and was able to put awesome new discoveries as well as stories that haunted me for years either into print or back into print. One of the most exciting things about this anthology is that it contains writer Daniel Pearlman’s final first draft, which his widow, Sandy, graciously agreed to let us publish.

Ink Stains is available wherever you purchase books. Here’s the Table of Contents and a specially prepared preview you can print or download (at the bottom of this post). Get your full copies here:

Amazon Print:

Amazon Kindle:


As We Rot – Taro Turner

Christmas in Connecticut – Robert Mayette

The Depths – Elizabeth Allen

Heroes – Jackie Logsted

The Mating Habits of the Late-Adopting Smoker – Dorianne Emmerton

Stikini – Travis D. Roberson

The Fate of the Worms – Page Sullivan

Ignorance Is – Rhonda Zimlich

Black-Hooded Caller – Pablo Patiño

The Cold Gets In – Mary Thorson

Do the Faceless Remember? – Megan Neumann

Suicide in Reverse (After Matt Rasmussen) – Bri Faythe

The Leaf People – Heather Sullivan

Letting in the Cat – Kaitlyn Downing

Overdrawn at the Time Bank – Daniel Pearlman

Photo: The Singer’s Last Stand – Christopher Petersen


Get a PDF sample here: Ink Stains Sample





My short story “Under the Kudzu” has been selected for publication in Wicked East Press’ Behind Locked Doors anthology.

“Kudzu” has special significance for me. In September 2010, my friend Cynthia Wilson called me to ask if I’d seen photographs of structures that had been covered in kudzu. “Imagine,” she said, “what horrible scary things could be going on in houses buried by kudzu!”

She loved a good ghost story, so I suggested she write it. Her response was, “no, I want you to write it. I want to read what you have to say about it.” She then e-mailed me several pictures of the phenomenon.

So, I took a stab at it.

Unfortunately, Cynthia passed away before she got to read my first draft.

After much critiquing by a few writer-friends and a few rounds of revision, I promised myself that this year I would get it published—if she couldn’t read it, at least others could.

I achieved my goal.

When Behind Locked Doors hits the stands, I’ll let you know. If you’d like to see the photograph of a kudzu-covered house that inspired the story, you can view that online here.


May December Publications has accepted my short story “Whether Girl” for its upcoming Wake the Witch anthology, the proceeds of which will be donated to an as-yet unannounced charity.

“Whether Girl” was first published by The Wheel in its Summer, 2005 issue, and hasn’t been available—in print or digital—since. The Wheel was a great little magazine of pagan fiction, and I miss what it featured. I’m proud that “Whether Girl” is now going to be available again now that The Wheel is no longer around.

Here’s the Table of Contents for Wake the Witch, as posted on May December’s website here:

1 Chantal Boudreau Witch Vanity

2 Kristi Petersen Schoonover : Whether Girl

3 David Landrum : The Conduit

4 CW LaSart : A Wise Woman’s Revenge

5 Ken Goldman : Mercy Hathaway is a Witch

6 Adam Millard : The Witching Well Hag

7 Elizabeth Butler : of cucumbers and curses

8 Marius Dicomites : Born Again

9 Bennie Newsome : Generational Curse

10 Michael Frissore : Trevor Talks

11 Walter Campbell : You next appointment

12 Mark Jones : The Strange Case of Melinda P. Zinnecker

13 DA Chaney : Homicidal

14 Geoffrey Crescent : 360 Degrees

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