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Stopping by Woods…

Stopping by Woods

I hate winter. Everybody who knows me knows that, and it’s one of the reasons I really want to head south in the next few years. But recently, my city-dwelling cousin–who loves the winter and snow–came to visit, and it (unexpectedly) started to snow. We had planned to watch movies, but she said she had always wanted to be up here, in the woods, while it was snowing – a dream she’d had for close to thirty years.

No movie-watching happened that day. We broke out the wine, sat outside on the back porch, and watched it snow. And it truly was beautiful. Sometimes it takes seeing something through someone else’s eyes to appreciate it.

On another note, it’s my late father’s birthday, and tomorrow is the first anniversary of my friend and mentor Daniel Pearlman’s death. Both men loved the poetry of Robert Frost.

Enjoy some poetry in the snow (and my husband’s birds going crazy getting seed from the feeders)!

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