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Daniel Pearlman’s The Final Dream is now available in e-book over at fortykey []. This piece, about a future world in which nightmares are conveniently avoided (until, of course, something goes terribly wrong), can be purchased here: The novella is part of his 1995 collection The Final Dream and Other Fictions.*

* On an incidental note: the original collection The Final Dream and Other Fictions (which can be purchased here: also contains my absolute favorite short story of Dan’s, “What Rough Beast.” If you were one of the recipients of this year’s chapbook Denigrating David, then you read in the introduction that I was on a quest to discover the specific inspirational roots of many of my stories. Dan read what I’d written—specifically the line in which I mentioned “What Rough Beast,” stating that I’d love to know what had inspired it—and he sent me back an e-mail: “it was the news report of an attempted interspecies mating (a moose—or was it a New Zealand sea lion—with a cow?).”[1]

[1] Daniel Pearlman, e-mail message to author, February 2, 2011.

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