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Ready, Set, NaNoWrime!

1 Nano 11-5-04 A

I founded and moderated a group called Pencils! Writing Workshop in Norwalk, Connecticut, from 2003-2009. One of our members, Nanette, introduced the group to NaNoWriMo, and a gaggle of us participated. We had a great time, but the best times were our weekly Friday Night Hang-Outs. Here we are after our first four days of writing, November 5, 2004, at Black Bear Saloon in SoNo (South Norwalk, the city’s entertainment district). Back Row, from left: Jen, A.J., Jill, me. Front row: Nanette, Tammy.

Yes, I am participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year for the first time since 2009 (which I don’t really count, because I signed up and then never did anything, so let’s just call it 2008, ’kay?). Even though writing is a priority in my life and rises above all else—when I need to write, I stop everything and do it—NaNoWriMo seems to be one of those writing projects that I have to be in the mood to do, because for me, it’s about  Read the rest of this entry

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