I was forced into some downtime this season, and I spent a lot of it on the couch. The good news about that? I got to actually enjoy links and things my friends sent or put up on Facebook. Long story short, I spent lots of time laughing. And they say laughter is the best medicine.

Here are the five funniest ones. Enjoy them, and Merry Christmas!


This 16-minute film about Christmas trees rising up and taking revenge won all kinds of awards at some of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, and rightly so. It’s creepy, it’s tongue-in-cheek…and it’s hilarious (fair warning, it’s a little gory toward the end). If you’re a fan of “killer” anything films, then don’t miss this.

Treevenge from jasoneisener on Vimeo.

Talking Kitty Cat – What’s Christmas?

Steve Cash tries to explain the concept of Christmas to his talking cats—Sylvester who’s rude, and Gibson, who’s afraid of everything. I think the funniest thing in this is Sylvester the cat attacking the tree and screaming “die.” But you decide!

Scared of Santa!

The Orlando Sentinel asked readers to send in photos of their children crying, screaming, begging, and pleading with their parents to save them from their first encounter with Santa Claus. They get funnier as they go. Have a glass of wine with this one. I’d love to put a sample photo here, but I’d be violating copyright. Just head over there. Whether you have children or not, you’ll find this hilarious. I promise.


Tell Us How You Really Feel!

Talk about spreading Christmas cheer! If you like dark humor, www.someecards.com has the most side-splitting Christmas e-cards ever, including, “If I wanted to wait in line for some bastard to make me promises he can’t keep I will just start dating again” and “Good luck explaining to your kids why it’s okay for Santa to be morbidly obese.” I DIED reading these. I mean, people at work thought I was crying I was laughing so hard—they kept asking me what was wrong because I could barely breathe, let alone talk. They change daily according to most sent, but they’re ALL good. http://www.someecards.com/christmas-cards/most-sent-today

The Very First South Park Episode: “The Spirit of Christmas”

This 1992 short is the film Matt Stone and Trey Parker circulated to networks to try to get them to pick up what we know now as South Park. The funniest moments for me are in the beginning when they’re putting together the snowman, but the whole thing is pretty funny. Fair warning—strong language.

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