Craziness, cosplay and creativity at Queen City Kamikaze Con!

The New England Horror Writers had a blast up at the Queen City Kamikaze Anime and Video Game Convention at Manchester Memorial High School Saturday, February 18, in Manchester, NH. While none of us participated in cosplay, there was certainly plenty of it around (and lots of teenagers hopped up on sugar). We had a great time, and I think most of us agreed: man, we wish we’d had something like this in high school.

Originally I was going to post all these pictures with captions I spent at least an hour writing. But then, on the way home today, I heard this song on the radio for the first time and loved it, and I decided instead to subject you all to one of my usual slideshows…comment here, Peter Dudar…enjoy, all!

(Note: if you’d like high-rez of any of these photos, please contact me and I’ll get them to you.)

The admission wristband.

Stacey Longo, co-author of the upcoming Screams of Autumn: Stories from Creepy Connecticut, setting up.

Jason Harris, publicity for NEHW, taping down.

I don’t know who brought this, but thank God. The eggs at the Comfort Inn at which Nathan and I stayed tasted like soap, so I’d had no breakfast except some soggy bacon.

Sugar! Sugar! And more sugar!

It’s a little too early for occult specialist Nathan Schoonover.

Tracey Carbone, author of The Soul Collector, and Scott Goudsward, co-author of Shadows Over New England.

Nathan, preparing his video feed.

K. Allen Wood of Shock Totem and me. I believe we were discussing the drop in submissions to magazines due to the single short story Kindle self-publishing boom.

Here’s a virtual tour of our tables.

I was a Star Wars kid…it was really nice to see characters I recognized! They seemed surprised everyone was taking their photos—mostly adults. I don’t think they realized that most of the adults there were in the same boat.

There were movies playing all day in this area, many of them horror films. I didn’t see many people there during the morning, but in the afternoon, the chairs were filled.

A colorful cosplay sea.

Talk about talent! Alyssa Trinidad of Manchester, left, agreed to let me have my photo taken with her. Her zombie make-up is amazing…it’s no surprise her dream is to become a professional effects artist. As well she should.

Nathan and Rob Watts, author of Huldufolk, chat it up.

Rob Watts.

It’s the infamous photo of Ken and Stacey talking! There’s one from every Con. We don’t want to break the record!

Tracey, left, with Sci Fi Saturday Night’s The Dome, center, and The Dead Redhead.

Me with Sci Fi Saturday Night’s The Dome and Drusilla.

Sci Fi Saturday Night’s The Dead Redhead and me.

Scott. I like the “So Good It’s Scary” next to the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. I’d say that’s about accurate.

Sci Fi Saturday Night’s Illustrator X and a giant squirrel.

Stacey gets ready to pull the name of our raffle to benefit MS winner.

Our raffle winner!

The NEHW presented two panels at the Con.

The auditorium's schedule for the day!

The Women in Horror panel: from left, Stacey Longo, me, horror writer Alyn Day, and Tracey Carbone.

Trends in Horror: from the Apocalypse to Zombies panel. Left to right, Jason Harris, Stacey Longo, Rob Watts, Nathan Schoonover, and K. Allen Wood.

Jason Harris speaks at the Trends in Horror panel.

K. Allen Wood at the Trends in Horror panel.

Nathan at the Trends in Horror panel.

Stacey Longo and Rob Watts at the Trends in Horror panel.

K. Allen Wood and Nathan. I know they’re getting all squatchy (????)

Video Excerpts from NEHW Panels


Women in Horror: Nancy vs. Laurie

Women in Horror: Sookie got a shot

Trends in Horror:  For possession, I get double

Trends in Horror: People relate to found footage

Trends in Horror: Things move in cycles

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