A Year Ago Today: Snowpocalypse

It was a year ago today that we here in the Northeast had a huge storm and thousands in our area lost power (for a ridiculous number of days). The big bummer was that there was really no Halloween—our favorite holiday around here—because of it.

While the being-out-of-power thing got old pretty quickly, for the first few hours (because it was still warm in the house), it was fun. Here’s some photos from that night in the hopes this won’t happen again anytime soon—but we might, this winter, be in luck with that; I’ve been seeing tree trimmers working non-stop for the past couple of months.


Finding wood in the dark.

02 ConnecticutSnowstorm

Lighting the living room.

03 ConnecticutSnowstorm

Grilling garlic to add to our meal.

04 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Meat and cheese—we made one of our favorite winter comfort foods, Tacos.

07 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Me, wearing a headlamp.

08 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Nathan fires up the emergency weather radio.

Video: The report on the weather radio gave the darkened house a creepy air; I could only think, ‘zombie apocalypse.’

09 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Candles on the dinner table.

10 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Cooking in the dark.

11 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

…with a flash…I know, that headlamp looks really dumb but it sure made it easier to cook.

12 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Charles lights candles.

13 ConnecticutSnowstorm

My oil lamp, made from the ash of Mt. St. Helens, provides an atmospheric glow.

14 ConnecticutSnowstorm

The lamp was a gift from my babysitter at the time (and my friend now), Dawn Nagle.

15 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

A little dinner music…

16 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

This is my mini DVD player, which, when charged, has two hours of battery life. We used it to play music during dinner so things would feel more normal.

17 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Another great dinner soundtrack.

Video: We have music!

20 - ConnecticutSnowstorm


Video: No Reason to Complain

22 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Dining in the dark.

23 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Just about the only Halloween we got last year.

24 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Kali, our littlest cat, curls up in the candlelight.

25 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Lighting the kitchen with tapers.

26 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Trying to keep as much heat in the house as we could.

27 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

A fire to keep us warm. Nathan was tending it for those few days we had no power, so he didn’t get much sleep.

28 - ConnecticutSnowstorm

Camping in the living room.

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  1. You’d think Connecticut would have it’s technology a bit more together than to be out of power for so long…..How’s 2012 treating you this year? We have been having construction here on Waverley Ave for weeks, and it’s Mud City here now that Sandy has hit. The sidewalk is several feet higher up than the road. Kinda hard to explain, but it’s not supposed to look like this. I think the town is going to have some serious cleanup to do.


    • Hi Julie: have no power so responding via phone. Nope. That is CT. High taxes roads full of potholes and a general lack of electricity for wks after a storm. Do not ever live here it is a hole. Ill respond more fully later stay safe

      • Kristi, the reason the lights never go out in Watertown is that Santa needs them to find his way to Connecticut every year. Hopefully, he won’t drop his glasses along the way, though by now, like me, he needs a new eyeglasses prescription, and “insurance” won’t let him get a new pair. But then again, these states are so “little” (according to our West Coast pals) that when Santa bumbles along, he’s likely to mistake one “little” state for the other, and end up in the wrong one. Big diff though. So you make a wrong delivery. My mail guys do it all the time. Someone else’s lump of coal seems to taste just as sweet.


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