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Happy 2014! On broken cassettes and new CDs…

Gremlins Cassette and CD

The old and the new!

I’m a movie soundtrack junkie; even when I was a teenager, every time I saw a movie and loved the music, I’d beg Mom to take me to The Wall (a long-defunct record store) to pick it up on audio cassette.

Trouble was, unlike today, back then you often couldn’t get complete scores. Read the rest of this entry

Danbury, CT AMC Theatres 2014 Winter Classics Schedule

The Princess Bride Cover

The AMC Movie Theatre in Danbury, Connecticut has been running a Classics Series for awhile, and they’ve just announced their Winter Classics schedule. Read the rest of this entry

The Ghosts of Christmases Past

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Last Christmas Day (2012) was odd. Read the rest of this entry

Love PET SEMETARY? Remember THE LANGOLIERS? Then tune in here!

Pet Sematary Langoliers Combo

Love Pet Sematary? Remember The Langoliers? (Or perhaps you hate and would rather forget?) Either way, you won’t want to miss the most recent episode of Reviews from the Shadows on the Paranormal, Eh? Radio Network.

I was a guest co-host on Monday’s episode and regular co-host Terry and I discussed both of these films. Get the low-down on Read the rest of this entry

READ SHORT FICTION announces Pushcart nominee

Everything, All at Once, Forever

Rob Mayette and I, co-editors at Read Short Fiction, are proud to announce that our Pushcart Prize nomination for the year goes to Michael Wehunt’s “Everything, All at Once, Forever.”

“Everything, All at Once, Forever” is a rare find. I was so overwhelmed with grief while reading this piece that when I had finished, I could barely talk. I think Rob, in our meeting, put it best when he said he was “spellbound,” that the writer is “so in command of this mindset,” and that he was “emotionally drained after reading it.” This story plumbs the terrible depths of loss in a way that few stories, for me, have; in my opinion, this is literary horror at its finest.

To learn more about the Pushcart:

To read “Everything, All at Once, Forever”:

THIS POISONED GROUND: Watch Trailer, See Cover, Note Release Date!

They say you hurt the ones you love most.

No one ever talks about when they hurt you back. 

poisongroundPrintComing January 28, 2014

Watch the Trailer

As though Thanksgiving and NaNo weren’t enough excitement in one week…Dark Alley Press slated “This Poisoned Ground”’s release date (one week before my birthday!) and finalized its cover. Want to keep on top of TPG-related updates? Visit — you can also read a sneak peek over there, but if you want something you can print and take with you, you can download a brief PDF here: This Poisoned Ground Sneak Peek PDF

Many have asked if I’m going to do a release party for this…well, it’s January and I can’t count on the weather, so no, not a big hoo-ha this time. Instead, maybe a few of us brave souls will gather together for champagne? Just say the word…

NaNoWriMo2013 The Series: The Final Episodes!

Coffee Throw

During NaNo’s home stretch, my inner Disney Park Geek rears her ugly head, I don’t write a damn word for several days (again), buy food and booze in a hurry, make some trouble while Christmas shopping, lose the turkey recipe, get the finalized cover art from “This Poisoned Ground”’s publisher, wish a good friend a belated birthday and make some stupid plans (do they work out?), have a crazy-fun Thanksgiving, congratulate Nathan on his big win, and desperately try to hammer out the last of it…for now. See how everything turned out in the final days of NaNoWriMo this year, and thank you all for watching!

Day 22 – If We Can Dream It: 11/22/2013

Days 23 – 25 – The Weekend of Nil: 11/26/2013

Day 26 – Rockin’ Out: 11/26/2013

Day 27 –  Makin’ Trouble: 11/30/2013

Day 28 –  Happy Thanksgiving! 11/30/2013

Day 30 – Over and Out: 12/01/2013

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