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Happy Thanksgiving, from our house to yours! We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating!

— Kristi, Charles, Nathan, and Mikey (and Kristi’s cousin, Maryanne, who will be joining us this year)

For those of you who enjoy easy craft projects, these are table cards I made a few Thanksgivings back. Just get wooden tags/shapes at a craft store, a couple of three dimensional stickers, a marker, and a few pine cones. Decorate the tags the way you like, then you just “stick” them in the cones. This wasn’t my idea–I think I found this on Pinterest or something, but every year, someone asks how I made them.


Rockettes kick lively 2012 Parade

The Radio City Music Hall Rockettes kick lively during their Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012 performance. These were my favorite outfits from the last decade.

For lots of people the highlight of Thanksgiving is the turkey … mine is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (usually while I’m on the phone with my sister, who’s watching it, too) … and, specifically, the Rockettes.

My parents, who were in theater, always used to say “if the show’s going terribly, just get everybody up there for a chorus line kick and that’ll fix it.” While I’m sure that was an exaggeration, I know that every time I see those Rockettes do their famous kick, the happy tears start flowing. It’s the most exciting moment of the day. And what girl doesn’t want to wear those adorable costumes and shoes? (Take a look at some of their favorite outfits from parades past here:

From our house to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Krissi, Nathan, Charles, and the cats (Poe and Mikey)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m grateful fo all of my readers! Thank you so much for supporting me.

From our house to yours … wishing you a happy day spent with loved ones.

~ Krissi, Charles, Nathan and the cats, Poe & Mikey

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

NaNoWriMo2013 The Series: The Final Episodes!

Coffee Throw

During NaNo’s home stretch, my inner Disney Park Geek rears her ugly head, I don’t write a damn word for several days (again), buy food and booze in a hurry, make some trouble while Christmas shopping, lose the turkey recipe, get the finalized cover art from “This Poisoned Ground”’s publisher, wish a good friend a belated birthday and make some stupid plans (do they work out?), have a crazy-fun Thanksgiving, congratulate Nathan on his big win, and desperately try to hammer out the last of it…for now. See how everything turned out in the final days of NaNoWriMo this year, and thank you all for watching!

Day 22 – If We Can Dream It: 11/22/2013

Days 23 – 25 – The Weekend of Nil: 11/26/2013

Day 26 – Rockin’ Out: 11/26/2013

Day 27 –  Makin’ Trouble: 11/30/2013

Day 28 –  Happy Thanksgiving! 11/30/2013

Day 30 – Over and Out: 12/01/2013


My table set for Thanksgiving, 2010.

My father often talked about “slow glass.” He said if it were in your windows, you could look out on your lawn and see something that happened in that same spot in the past. I thought him genius and asked why he didn’t write a story about it. He said it’d already been written, but he couldn’t recall its title or author.

The concept haunted me as much as it did him. I desperately wanted to read the story, but no one I asked knew anything about it. I gave up, he died, and as the years went on, I’d try searching for it on the Internet—with no luck.

Last year, a week before Thanksgiving, I scored.

The short story is called “Light of Other Days” by Bob Shaw. I could understand why it had so moved my father: one of its themes is letting go of the past so you can move on to what’s right in front of you.

A week later, on Thanksgiving Day, I had a houseful. My Aunt Delores was showing my housemate, Charles, how to make garlic mashed potatoes. There was only one problem: our masher was missing.

The missing potato masher.

I tore apart the kitchen, but found nothing. I got upset—it was like the missing masher was a trigger for mourning everybody that wasn’t around anymore and the way things used to be or could have been.

Nathan did not want to go shopping, but he volunteered to at least see what was open. He returned with a masher. It was cheap and too flexible (not at all like the great one from the 1930’s, solid metal with a thick wooden handle, that had mysteriously disappeared), but it did the job. Peace was restored.

The new masher Nathan picked up on Thanksgiving Day. I think he got it at Walmart.

A few weeks later, I was cooking dinner. I grabbed a wooden spoon from a vase on the counter—which I had done many times since Thanksgiving—and I spotted our potato masher. It had been sitting in the vase the whole time.

The masher was in its home in the jar next to my stove.

As I had a good laugh, I remembered “Light of Other Days.” If there were something called “slow glass,” I’d probably have it in all my windows, and while I was sitting gazing at “better times,” life would pass me by. I wouldn’t appreciate the people who are here now, the things that are, the way things could be.

The Holidays are a hard time for many people because of the past. This year, if it gets rough, step away from the windows and look at what’s around you (and I’d also recommend knowing your potato masher’s location).

From our house to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

You can read “Light of Other Days” by Bob Shaw here: light-of-other-days

Auntie Del’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

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