Who remembers Chicken Rock? 7 Creepy Tales of Candlewood Lake…


This map marks the tales’ (approximate) locations.

Many writers pull their inspiration from childhood; fortunately, I had plenty of urban legends in mine–many surrounding Candlewood Lake.

New England Horror Writers recently posted a collection of these tales I put together: “Seven Creepy Tales of Candlewood Lake.” You can read them here: http://nehw.blogspot.com/2016/08/legends-of-candlewood-lake-guest-blog.html

If you grew up on or near the lake, do you remember any of these? I asked a few people when I was working on this and found out that yes, many do (everyone, especially, seems to recall the one about “The Kids in the Pipe” up at Lynn Deming)…and almost no one didn’t know Chicken Rock!

Anyway, enjoy! If you remember any of this, feel free to share in the comments below.

Missy Candlewood Lake Beach 1982

My sister prepares to jump off a concrete wall into (very shallow) water at the CTTA Beach in New Milford, CT, in the summer of 1982. Ah, unsupervised children. It was a thing.

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  1. Bethene Lindstedt

    Great article and pictures….having been born and raised on Lake Candlewood….and my father before me….we had a cabin out on the point, went to lyn deming beach every summer, graduated from nmhs in 1975…..I heard many of these stories …..but the children in the pipe ever scared us from going thru the woods at the end of the beach and sneaking to the dam. And I have a scare above my eye brow climbing another ledge getting to the top to jump into the lake, but on the Brookfield end. You are an excellent writer

    • Thank you for sharing this story, Bethene! That’s a little bit of a different variation that I’ve never heard. I’m so glad to hear from you, and I’m glad you enjoyed the article. THANK YOU for sharing that tidbit with me…I’m definitely going to keep your comment in my Candlewood Lake memories book that I keep. I’m always thrilled to hear about any CL legends or variations in case I haven’t heard them, so if you remember anything else, please reach out!

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