Our Corn Maze adventure

Lost in the Corn Maze

I’ve always loved a corn maze, though I must admit I’d never heard of them until the early 2000’s—it seemed like that was a “new” thing back then. Every farm around here was doing them, and there were plenty to choose from.

We always pick some kind of Halloween adventure every year for the two of us to do. We’ve done Pumpkin Blaze, Forest of Fear, and the Bronx Zoo’s Boo at the Zoo a few times. Before that, I did things down in Sleepy Hollow. I’ll tell you out of the gate, too, that although I am a horror writer, I’m seriously not a fan of being abjectly terrified. I like things more on the creepy, atmospheric side than the thrill and scream side.

The other issue is that a tradition is a lot of fun, but doing the same thing a couple of years in a row is the max. We like to shake it up. We hadn’t done a corn maze in over a decade, so we decided this was the year to do it. Also, we wouldn’t have to drive too far, and the price point was good (many corn mazes are only anywhere from $5 – $15 per ticket).

We went to Castle Hill Farm in Newtown and had a blast! It was actually quite the work out, and it was probably the last of our unusually warm days. If you live in the area and are interested, Castle Hill Farm’s website is here: https://www.castlehillfarm.net/

(please note, they take cash and checks only—no debit or credit cards).

Here’s some pix, and Happy Halloween!

Walking in the corn: all these years I’ve been writing, I was never sure what the sound of corn rustling in the breeze really sounded like so I could accurately describe it for readers (in case I ever have occasion to write something in a corn field, that is). I think I figured it out.

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  1. I was thinking, kites? Sorta. Trash bags moving around? Almost. Princess dress with yards of crinoline? YES!

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