So … are these new “turkey stuffing potato chips” any good?

I’m not sure if these were out prior to this year, but everyone seems to be making these now–I’ve seen a few different brands.

I bought them as a joke, thinking, ‘these will be disgusting.’

Turkey and Stuffing Chips Blog Post Art

I WAS WRONG. THEY ARE GOOD. In fact, they are FANTASTIC. If you like a richly-flavored chip that has a “bottom” to it (if that makes any sense), then these are absolutely delicious. In other words, if you enjoy any of the following flavors: Sour Cream & Onion, Garlic, Dill Pickle–then you’ll probably enjoy these; the flavor is robust, but not heartburn spicy, and not “thin” like some of the barbecue flavors can be.

I plan on serving them alongside the antipasto on Thanksgiving (it’s just going to be me, Nathan, Charles, and my cousin, Maryanne). I bought four bags just so I’d have some to last the holiday season–if you want to try them? Better hurry! They seem to be Limited Edition no matter who makes them.

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  1. Turkey stuffing potato chips? People are so creative! My fave tater chip flavor is BBQ, yum!

    • Yes. The Shop Rite brand also now has Baby Back Ribs (delicious) and Everything Bagel (okay. I’m a huge everything bagel fan and I live near enough to NYC that we get the best stuff here, so I wasn’t crazy about those)!

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