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Canada’s Paranormal Eh? Paranormal Discussion Group is running a Video Clue Contest! The winner will receive a copy of Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole and a few other goodies.

Terry Konig (the group’s founder) has put together video clues; four, so far, have been released, with two more to come and the final clue announced on the March 13th episode of The Ghostman & Demon Show (on which I’m the featured guest).

The contest ends March 23, at which time a winner will be selected.

Want to get in on this? Here are all the links you need—what’s been posted to date. Subsequent clues will appear in the ensuing days on the Paranormal Eh? Facebook Page or on the YouTube Channel:

Game Intro Trailer/Teaser

Game Clue #1

Game Clue #2

Game Clue #3

Game Clue #4

Game Clue #5

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A really terrific vintage ashtray that yes, we actually use!

My short story “Smoke Brake” is now available in Issue 16 of The Legendary.

I feel privileged to have this piece—which I wrote five years ago—not only in the ’zine, but in its special Poe-dedicated issue: Editors Jim Parks and Katie Moore ran a Poe Contest for Fiction a few months back, with the winning entries published in this edition. While I didn’t enter—I didn’t have anything that wasn’t a reprint which would have filled the bill—it’s how I found out about The Legendary in the first place, as I frequently Google all things Poe.

The point of the contest was to write something inspired by Poe’s work—dealing with his most prevalent themes or echoing his style. The guidelines are long-gone now since the contest is over, but I do remember them making reference to Poe as the “father of the modern short story,” which I’ve often thought—and others have, too—he was.

I’ve read the winning stories and will re-read them when I’ve got time to look at what the writers were referencing in Poe’s work. The one that is my favorite—probably because it deals with one of Poe’s themes that I often play with—is Jess Dunn’s “Little Yellow Sundress,” which received Honorable Mention.

Given my love of Poe’s work, there’s no more appropriate home for “Smoke Brake.”

*Special Note* The April 20, 2010 Issue #16 of The Legendary in which this story appears is no longer available online.  I’ve published a special PDF version that you can download, print or read by clicking here: Smoke Brake-The Legendary. For everyone’s convenience, I’ve also added this to my Read My Work page. Enjoy! –KPS 6-5-10

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