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Scary Scribes’ Jackalope Episode is the Zombie Beaver Award 2012 Winner!

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Every year, the Paranormal, Eh? Radio Network hosts its Zombie Beaver Awards, which recognize listener-chosen favorite shows, hosts, episodes, and other topics for the year. Listeners selected Scary Scribes’ Episode 7: Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope as their favorite guest/episode for 2012 (yes, even if the year’s not over yet—the “year” is usually considered October to October; any not considered this year will be considered for 2013).
You can read all about episode 7 here:
, hear the original episode here:
, or watch a special illustrated version here:
Or here:
To hear Paranormal Eh?’s Zombie Beaver Award 2012 Show, listen here:
Here was this year’s ballot:

Best Show on PEH
Paranormal Eh? Radio
Reviews from the Shadows
Our Haunted Lives
Hells Bells Radio
Headlocks and Hair Pulls PWTR
Scary Scribes
Spectral Retrospective

Best Show Not On PEH
Darkness Radio
Straight Jacket Society
Real Time
The invisible World

Best Host / Team PEH
Terry Konig & Stephen Lancaster
Terry Konig & Chris Edge
Terry Konig & Frank Todaro
Krissy P
Nicole &Angel
Darren & Brittney

Best Non-PEH Host/Team
Darkness Dave
Edge and Lancaster
Jeff Sylvia
Frank Todaro

Favorite Guest, Our Haunted Lives

Favorite Guest, Paranormal Eh? Radio

Favorite Guest, Hells Bells

Favorite Guest, Scary Scribes

Favorite Episode, Reviews from the Shadows

Favorite Episode, Headlocks & Hair LHP

Favorite Episode, Spectral Retrospective

Best Internet TV Show
Monstervision TV
Twisted Gypsies
Our Haunted Lives

Best Hall of Fame
The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show
Ghostly Talk
Darkness Radio

Favorite Topic Show Paranormal Eh? Radio
Black Eyed Kids
Black Eyed Kids and Ties to Vampires
Big Foot
Nazis and the Occult
The Evil of Hitler

Listeners made a selection or wrote in their favorite episodes.

The jackalopes are coming!


The search for the jackalope—that mythical demon-esque cross between a rabbit and an antelope that dwells in the American west—has come to an end with the release of Western Legend Publishing’s anthology Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope. In this collection of horror stories due out June 30, my short story “The Thing Inside” and 20 others bring the terrifying jackalope to vivid, scary, life.

The collection is edited by John Palisano (author of Nerves from Bad Moon Books) and is WLP’s debut volume. The table of contents is now posted over on the Western Legends Publishing Facebook page! You can check that out here: (and click Like while you’re at it?).

While it’s never a good idea to say “this is a collection that hasn’t been done before”—well, honestly, a collection of horror stories centered around the jackalope really hasn’t, according to my research (the closest thing I could find were a few single-story books aimed at very young children). This fantastic collection isn’t to be missed and will be available in both print and shortly thereafter e-book; I’ll keep you posted.

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